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EmailJS: How to Connect React Form to EmailJS.

What is EmailJS?

How to use EmailJS?

Solving the Multiple Input Problem

email template
input name from react JSX
make sure to save the template

But only the inputs from the last page are being sent. :-(

Solving the Multiple Page Issue

Amila’s suggestion 1. send "form” instead of ""

const sendEmail = (e) => {

form, //, <---- change here
.then((result) => {
}, (error) => {
<form class = "emailjs-success"> <div className = "field4"> <label> more info </label> <input type ="text" className = "form-input" name ="designText" placeholder="Text in the design" value ="hello world" /> </form>
{name: "john doe", phone: "", email: "", shippingAddress: "", projectAddress: "", …}

Solution 1. REST API : "send” function instead of “sendEmail” function.

reference to REST API EMAILJS in jQuery
reference to POST FETCH
solution! multiple step form to emailJS

Reason why multiple step to emailJS wasn’t working

//conditional logic(count === current_step? (show fields): null)

Solution 2. hide other steps using css, visibility



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