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Essential Contact Management Apps

Every lead management software choice will provide some direct marketing options and essential information organization such as names, phone numbers, and the like. Still, quality customer contact software will go even further.

The following three elements have the greatest potential to boost your company’s performance.

1. Fields that can be customized

Software that lists the most basic information on a contact misses out on a chance to dazzle a client.

A contact management solution with customizable fields for extra details — such as the fact that a client truly appreciates features A and B about your product — will give you the edge in your next phone call to a home in on what the consumer cares about and increase your chances of closing the transaction. It helps you move from sales to relationship management.

2. A graphical dashboard

With so many clients to deal with, it’s easy for a contact manager to become lost in the vast amount of data available.

This can lead to sales being missed — not just because you lose track of clients who are ready to close, but also because you make a sales pitch to a client at the wrong moment and drive them away.

Your sales team’s performance can be considerably improved by a visual sales dashboard that puts all client information on one page.

3. Automated systems

There are a variety of great technologies accessible today that we didn’t have 20 years ago, and automation is one of them.

When you use software with automation features, you can keep track of when you’re doing what you’re doing.

Top contact management apps using Quickwork:

Google Contacts:

Google Contacts is Google’s contact management tool that is available in its free email service, Gmail, as a standalone service, and as a part of Google’s business-oriented suite of web apps Google App


FullContact is a web-based contact management software built for individuals and companies. It gathers contact data and information of companies, enterprises, and professionals from social media, blogs, photos, and public data. This helps in building a professional network to enhance company sales.


Clearbit is a web-based marketing tool that gives you handy information about your connections, companies, and competitors. The information is contextual data through which you can understand your customers, identify prospects, run campaigns, and eventually convert a lead into a deal.


Knowlarity is a cloud-based telephony service that provides virtual numbers, IVR solutions, call center services, and API solutions.

When you use software with automation features, it can keep track of when you called a client and record it automatically.

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