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Examining Single Filter Baskets for Espresso

Improving flow issues with a top metal filter

My Former Single Life

When I first started using the basket, I wasn’t getting the syrupy shot I desired. I identified two reasons:

  1. Too much headspace
  2. Difficulty in getting the right output ratio

VST Single Basket

Let’s take a look at a regular 7g shot using a metal mesh on top to reduce headspace and make flow more even.

Single in a Double Basket

I thought one benefit of the metal mesh is to turn a double basket into a single because the metal mesh would slow the water down so as not to disturb the coffee bed. I used 10g or half of what I would typically put in the basket.

IMS “The Single”

“The Single” was supposed to be designed to give a truly single shot. However, I found the side channeling to be overwhelming. I was very excited when I first bought it, but I abandoned it quickly as it was also hard to tamp without an auto-leveling tamping.

Some Data Analysis

I have Extraction Yield (EY), Total Dissolved Solids), and Taste (Final Score in other articles). This should be taken with a grain of salt because I’ve pulled 100’s of shots with the VST Single basket, so it’s no surprise it does the best. The Pesado Double is using 10g of coffee with the metal mesh on top.



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