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Healthcare Scheduling Systems and Integrations

Over the past year and a half, organizations around the world have been forced to upgrade their digital systems to meet the new demands of living and working with COVID-19. In the healthcare sector, this has meant creating better and faster ways to help patients and doctors schedule appointments.

Scheduling Appointments

Booking a doctor’s appointment shouldn’t be a reason for patients or doctors to stress yet, every year, patients miss their appointments due to delays and rescheduling conflicts that end up costing nearly $150 billion a year.

Conduct Consultations Remotely

Sometimes a patient doesn’t have to be physically inspected. Instead, the doctor can remotely assess their patients’ symptoms from the comfort of their office or home. Using digital integration, doctors can still interact face-to-face with the patient while maintaining social distance.

An Increase in Healthcare Marketplaces

As COVID-19 continues to create chaos across the globe, we have seen an increase in the number of healthcare marketplaces hoping to help service providers with their scheduling issues. They come in a wide variety of options — from in-home services to remote consultation services — but at their core, they are leading the healthcare world with digital services.

We Promote Fitness and Well-Being

There’s more to health than just seeing the doctor. Apps that offer diet and exercise routines have become the newest health trend as of late and our scheduling systems can work hand-in-hand with these programs. Simply add an event to your calendar and the schedule will send out reminders so you never miss a glass of water or your daily yoga routine.


COVID-19 has shown that digital technology is more important in the modern world than we ever could have realized. Healthcare providers are now using our advanced digital integration and scheduling API to take the burden off their patients and staff. Rather than leaving patients to struggle, they now have the power to pick their appointments at their own availability.



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