How AI Solutions can Increase Software Development Productivity?

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44 percent of firms that have deployed AI have reported a reduction in business costs in departments where AI was implemented. Parallelly the growth in the revenue of these organizations is a testament to the benefits of AI-based solutions.

The same is true for software development productivity. Artificial Intelligence is incredibly positively impacting the software industry. It helps the coding process right from development to deployment. AI has changed the way an enterprise software development company does its business.

These days, a custom software development company aims to achieve higher productivity levels while reducing costs. AI helps to accomplish this by automating challenging and repetitive tasks while leaving the scope to work on more creative tasks and those that require human intervention.

AI solutions bring precision, speed, and efficiency to the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process. It has allowed software development companies to offer top-notch services by delivering large-scale, error-free applications without delays.

The blog provides the rationale behind how AI can help Increase software development productivity by automating various cognitive and physical tasks.

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Top 7 Ways in which AI Solutions Help to Improve Software Development Productivity

  1. Increase in Speed:
  • The time taken in development of a software product is dependent upon the number of features in the technology stack of a web application.
  • AI development solutions and machine learning can help speed up the development and testing phase of the SDLC. Along with the time saving, such AI machine learning tools help by enabling testing in many scenarios.
  • AI-backed testing reduces the possibility of error and speeds up the software development process, ensuring impressive results. In addition, AI seamlessly verifies deployments while assisting with coding.

2. Automated Budgeting:

  • Another unique way AI helps improve software engineering productivity is by automating the budgeting process while analyzing the project timeline and overall finance.
  • Finalizing the timeline and the budget is perhaps the most critical aspect of the financial success of any software development enterprise. An organization that uses AI applications can predict the project timelines and budget better.
  • The tool considers all the factors, overheads, factors that affected the past project, IT infrastructure, etc. while estimating the final project cost.

3. Changing Developers Rolls:

  • The AI-based software development productivity tools transform how software developers assume their roles. While AI is still far from writing programs independently, the developers are already utilizing AI to automate much of the manual tasks.
  • AI is making way for developers to concentrate their abilities on different tasks and develop skills that help them work collaboratively with AI. This is how the developer’s role will change in the future. With AI in the picture, development companies will look to hire developers who can work with AI, not to mention those who can code.

4. Real- Time Feedback:

  • A software developer can provide a better application to end-users when they can access an on-time feedback loop. Artificial intelligence solutions enable the developers to receive real-time feedback from the customers. This allows the developer to react to any suggested changes or dissatisfaction expressed by the end-user.
  • Organizations that do not use AI-based tools to keep track of user feedback are bound to stay one step behind in the development cycle and hence miss the timeline to deliver a quality product. Knowing the user’s response to the product, you can modify the UI/UX and adjust your on-page elements to enhance the customer experience.

5. Error Management:

  • Each software development has some previous experience that it can share in the initial stages of software development. One of the top software development productivity tips for any developer would be to share past errors with the AI tools in the development phase. This would help to reduce the chances of a rollback in later stages.
  • Poor error management is the most responsible for the most amount of downtime during the SDLC. This leads to delays in project delivery and escalated the cost of development. Each downtime hurts your business reputation if you are a SaaS provider or a cloud-based platform service provider. Artificial Intelligence can automatically identify errors and tackle them without any human intervention.

6. Strategic Decision Making:

  • AI services help developers make strategic decisions by automating them and reducing the need for human intervention.
  • An AI trained on the success and failure of previous software can assess the performance of new software and minimize risk. The future of decision-making is to be driven by analytics. As computer technology and data storage improve with time, computers can augment human intelligence by helping us make better decisions.
  • A better decision depends on experience, and AI-based analytics can help mitigate risks and the associated costs. AI-based decision-making will also help to reduce human bias and errors.

7. Uniques Software Design:

  • Clients are always looking for unique designs for their software projects. With the help of AI, developers can automate a thorough analysis of the projects’ requirements, highlight any inconsistencies, and make recommendations for improvements.
  • The AI tools work with natural language processing and use popularly referenced guidelines for training. Moreover, the AI tools learn from their past software projects, analyzing the current projects’ performance and suggesting improvements.


AI is the future, and no intelligent software development company can deny that. AI-powered software development helps in building IT scalable solutions in a faster way. AI has shown that it has the potential to take center stage very soon.

AI-based solutions are augmenting the software landscape very swiftly. Soon it will become difficult for the developer community to keep pace with the evolution. To stay ahead of the challenges, you must remain aware of the new facets that AI introduces to software development.

The benefits of AI are not limited to just the development cycle. It reduces the time in any given development process, and time is a critical factor for all DevOps organizations. In addition, AI has the potential to support human endeavors by reducing human intervention to make space for worthy and creative ventures.

The significance of AI in software development is undeniable. As programmers, QA, and project managers, it is necessary that you embrace the new tech revolution to produce higher-quality software at better prices.

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