How Can Foodpanda Clone Script Be Beneficial For Users Amidst Covid-19?

Nov 18 · 5 min read

There was a time when people wished for someone to deliver the food right to lessen the burden of cooking inside a steaming kitchen. The on-demand food delivery is nothing short of a dream come true for all the people around the world. Who would not love to order food that gets delivered right at their doorstep? If you are aspiring to get onboard into the online market, food delivery apps would be the best choice to gain profitably. Apart from this, certain aspects need to be included in your Foodpanda clone script, and this blog will enlighten your thoughts right away.

What Is So Fascinating About The Foodpanda Clone Script?

Foodpanda clone script is a ready-made solution offered by the app development company with all the required customization. In this case, you can create an on-demand food delivery with a scratch-free solution and emerge into the online marketplace without further ado.

When it comes to a ready-made solution, you can tailor it according to your business requirements and profitably gain in the competitive market. Moreover, it is also available at an affordable price from many app development firms, and it is your choice to pick up the finest app developers.

The Foodpanda clone script generally does the exact functions as the other online food delivery apps. The restaurants will link their profile on your food delivery platform like Foodpanda to enlist their cuisines for the customers to choose efficiently. The customers will browse your app to place an order of the food they love and proceed with the payment. The restaurants will receive the food order and confirm it to the customers. Once the food is ready to be delivered, the delivery person picks up the order to deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

Apart from this, the customers are given the option to pick up their order directly from the restaurants in order to cut off the waiting time. Therefore, the arrival of online food delivery apps has been a boon for both the customers and users to utilize this app in a more sophisticated and profitable way. Now, Stay keen to have a look into the statistics of the online food delivery app.

To be vivid, the pandemic has paved the way for the rise of online food delivery apps, and take a quick look into the great impact it has created in the global market.

  • By the year 2025, the revenue of the online food delivery market is expected to have an annual growth of 13.23%. Thereby, this is expected to reach the market value of $19,591 million.
  • And, the total number of users of on-demand food delivery app is envisioned to reach upto 498.5 million.
  • Based on the global market comparison, China holds the most revenue generated in the online food delivery market.
  • According to a recent report, Foodpanda had successfully completed more than 2 million downloads, and this shows that the reach of this app is tremendous within a few months.

When it comes to the food delivery app development, it is also much mandatory to integrate them with abundant features and the latest tech stack in order to achieve a seamless flow of the app in the future. A few notable features are as follows.

  • Quick Sign-Up
  • GPS Tracking System
  • Efficient Browse
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Local Language
  • Multi Payment Options
  • Feedback

When you have decided to build an online food delivery app, you can proceed with integrating numerous features for each panel, such as for the users, customers, delivery agents, and admin. Apart from the features mentioned earlier, you can also boost your online business by offering the customers advanced features that help the customers prevent any spread of covid-19 disease.

Although these online delivery apps have reached a peak, especially during the pandemic period, you have to be cautious on which basis you can promote your business in a secure way amidst covid-19.

You always have to think out of the box in order to achieve in this competitive market. You can incorporate the features that help to prevent the disease in a creative way. Likewise, you can include,

Contactless Delivery — To avoid the spread of the covid-19 disease, you can initiate a contactless delivery. This will make more users utilize your app in the future yet not lose the prevailing users.

Temperature Checks — You can allow the restaurant owners to check the temperature of the delivery agents, thereby preventing the spread of the disease.

Vaccination Certification — The delivery agents can affix their vaccination certificate to their profile page. This lets both the customers and restaurant owners know whether they are fully or partially vaccinated.

COD Disabled — To proceed on with the contactless delivery, it is also necessary to disable the cash on delivery options. Therefore the users will utilize the inbuilt multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, net banking, and so on.

These covid-19 precautionary measurements will boost the launch of a successful online food delivery app in the competitive market profitably and effectively.

Winding Up

To conclude, launching an online restaurant to consumer delivery platform with a high-tech Foodpanda clone script will bring numerous benefits and gains in the online business. Hurry up soon to embark on an identity in an online food market right away!

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