How to build an ECommerce App with React

Ashutosh K Singh
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12 min readJul 2, 2021

In this tutorial, we will build an E-commerce App with React using ButterCMS and Snipcart. We will use Chakra UI, a modular and accessible component library, to style the app.
Finally, we will deploy our ecommerce app with Stormkit, a serverless deployment service for JavaScript apps similar to Vercel or Netlify.

If you want to jump right into the code, check out the GitHub Repo here.

And here’s a link to the deployed version:


What is ButterCMS

ButterCMS is a SaaS start-up that delivers value to Developers and Marketers through a headless, API-based CMS (Content Management System) and blogging platform. Butter is a developer-friendly CMS that enables developers to build modern apps while also providing their marketing teams with the tools needed to make website content updates.

What is Snipcart

Snipcart is HTML based fully customizable shopping cart that you can integrate with any web stack in few simple steps and start accepting international payments in minutes. With Snipcart’s management dashboard, you can track abandoned carts, sales, orders, customers, and more.

Snipcart works perfectly with Headless CMS like Butter and speeds up your development process, provides better security, and functionality to your ecommerce app.

What is Stormkit

Stormkit is a serverless hosting and deployment service for JavaScript applications. It enables you to focus on developing your application instead of wasting time by automating deployments, logs, hosting, scaling, TLS certificates and much more with state of the art best practices and features like multiple

Ashutosh K Singh
Geek Culture