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How to Create a Kick-ass GitHub Profile that attracts Top Tech Jobs?

Top 5 tips by a fellow developer who attracted more than 10 offers directly from her GitHub profile! 😊

GitHub has been an extensive platform for code inspiration, developer communities, and open-source collaborations for more than a decade.

In layman’s language, one can say —

Times have changed since then and presently one’s GitHub profile is seen as a significant project in itself in the eyes of a recruiter! 👀

Here, I’m sharing the top 5 tips to enhance your GitHub profile in order to increase your chances for attracting job offers or acing that tech interview 🚀

1. Start Small but Stay Consistent

Back in my college days, I often got a question from juniors about ‘What’ project to put on their GitHub?

My answer to this question is — every problem that you solved or you’re currently solving. It can be coding questions, puzzles, challenges, mini lab projects, etc.

It may help you get meaningful collaborations in the form of some different problem solving approach or can even help you to solve your long time pending bug! 🐛

✅ A consistent contribution graph is a key to convey to your recruiter that you are active in open-source collaborations and you are comfortable with Git concepts well.

2. To-the-point Profile ReadMe

Nowadays, GitHub Profile ReadMe highlights everything about you just as a resume. From your social links, best projects, latest activity, skills you know, tools you use, everything can be drafted here!

The goal is to make this file captivating for your future employer but at the same time to stay authentic. Do not over-crowd your ReadMe with the skills or tools that you used just for once! 🦄

✅ You can easily create a kick-ass Profile Readme for yourself taking inspiration from the below developers —

👉 You can easily generate a ReadMe (Made mine from here😀) —

3. One good project >> 100 tutorial projects

One quality project is enough to take you from rags to riches!

If you have an end-to-end implementation of any project in your GitHub with a well-defined step-by-step ReadMe, it can earn you fortunes. 💸

Worldwide contributions, traffic, being part of various open-source competitions and communities can benefit you as well as your project to reach new heights!

✅ Brainstorm any relevant idea for current situation in any sector, be it healthcare, manufacturing, or education, and try to solve the problem using your innovative project implementation.

🌐 Share on your social platforms, after pushing it on GitHub and contributions will keep coming in!

4. Join, Code, Contribute to Open-Source

For me, open-source is all about learning and exploring

There are thousands of open-source repositories on GitHub, blogs and guides written to begin with your open-source journey.

But, your main motive should be as follows —

  • To be aware of the existing codebase, contribution guidelines etc.
  • Understand production builds and pipelines
  • Identify bugs, errors, potential risks
  • Ability to propose and work on enhancements
  • Make meaningful contributions throughout the year and NOT only for HacktoberFest!
Photo by Alex Kulikov on Unsplash

Being a part of an open-source developer community is much more than winning swags! It connects you to like-minded folks, informative tech discussions, extended opportunities etc.

✅ I have been asked in a couple of interviews about my open-source contributions. This is really a hot question from the recruiters nowadays, so buckle up!

5. Follow the GitHub Profile you aspire yours to be

Photo by Richy Great on Unsplash

With this, I’m conveying my last tip. Follow and star your most inspiring repositories, most active and knowledgeable developers.

✅ Learn from them, but don’t imitate them. Give a chance to your mind to think, and re-think to come up with something innovative to what’s existing. 🌟



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