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How to Create a Taxi Booking App? 10 Features Worth Including

Taxi Booking App

Uber Stats Depicting Profitable Scope of Taxi Booking Apps

  • Uber’s gross bookings have gone up by 35%
  • The revenues have become $69 billion in the current year
  • The number of monthly users has become 115 million
  • The taxi booking app generated $90 billion in gross bookings in the year 2021
  • Uber has its operations in over 10,000 cities across 69 countries globally

Features To Add in Taxi Booking App for Unparalleled Ride Experiences



Cost Splitting

Price Calculation

Location Tracking

Seamless Communication

General Information

To Know Where Ride Services are in Greater Demand

Driver Preferences


What is the Uber Clone App?

Wrapping Up



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