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How to get $1000 in AWS Credits for your next project.

AWS (Amazon web service) is actively promoting and supporting startups. If you are building any new products and want to use AWS services you can get benefits from AWS.

AWS has a program called AWS Activate which is a program to get support from AWS to startups. There are 2 options in this program.

1st option is for startups that are in the early stage and want to get initial support from AWS. This option will get you $1000 credits from AWS for AWS services.

Another option is for startups that on a bigger scale or have already been part of AWS partnered included programs.

In this article, I will show you how you can get $1000 AWS credits to use in your product.

Go to AWS console and search for “Activate”. Once you are on the Activate homepage, you just need to create your company profile by adding all the details about your startup, founders, and their Linkedin profiles.

At the last AWS will ask for the fields that you need support from AWS, you can fill whatever you feel is right (This selection is only for information purposes and does not hold any value in the evaluating process for the credits.)

After submitting the response, the AWS team will evaluate your request and if everything goes right, You will get $1000 credits in your AWS account that you can use to use any AWS services and these credits will be valid for 2 years.

AWS team will also call the founders about how AWS can support them. I think it's a really great initiative from AWS to support startups that are at the very initial stage and need financial support for their servers.

Note: This is not any referral kind of post. I am creating this article so that any founders that are just starting with their product can be aware of this program and can get benefits from AWS.

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