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How to Learn Any Programming Languages Faster

This weekend I started learning R and I decided to document this experience because I think it might be useful for someone who doesn’t know how to start learning a programming language.

In this tutorial, you will get a closer look at my fastest way to learn a programming language.


I. You should have a goal:

It is very important to have a goal when you are learning a programming language, it can be anything, but you should have one.

When you are clear about why you are learning it is easier because you have a purpose and when that happens your motivation increases and that way everything becomes fun to learn.

My personal example: “I will learn R to build a college project”.

II. You should have a deadline:

Another basic, but very essential point, is to mark how much time you are going to spend to learn that programming language, and that depends on what kind of problem you need to solve.

In this part, you have to estimate for yourself the actual time you need to learn that programming language.

My personal example: “I’ll be learning R this weekend, 8 hrs of dedication”.

Quick Overview

The first thing you need is an overall idea of the programming language you are going to learn. I recommend that you watch a YouTube video with maximum duration of 3 hours.

With that video, you should set up your machine and start doing the things they teach you in that tutorial and get an idea of the basic syntax of that language.

My personal example: R Programming for Beginners

Documentation + Practice

The official documentation is the must important resource that you will find, it is highly recommends that you take this into account and check the official documentation first before looking at other websites.

Finally, since you already have an idea of the basic syntax of that programming language, it is time to start to experimenting with Katas, small projects and anything that relates to the final problem you are going to solve.

My personal example:

Wrapping it up

Have a clear goal and deadline.

Watch a video on YouTube just to get a quick overview.

Practice + official documentation is the best way to learn a programming language.

After this, begin to build on the real problem you set at the begging of this stage.



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