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How to sell NFTs using a QR code on Solana 🔥


What is CandyPay?

What is Candy Machine?


Installing the CLI tools

  • Cloning metaplex’s git repo:
git clone -b v1.1.1
  • Installing JavaScript SDK dependencies:
yarn install --cwd ~/metaplex/js/ --network-timeout 600000
ts-node ~/metaplex/js/packages/CLI/src/candy-machine-v2-CLI.ts --version

Configuring Solana CLI

solana config set --url devnet
solana-keygen new --outfile ~/.config/Solana/id.json
solana config set --keypair ~/.config/solana/id.json
solana config get

Airdropping some $SOL

solana airdrop 1

Creating Solana NFT Collection using Metaplex

ts-node ~/metaplex/js/packages/cli/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts upload -e devnet -k ~/.config/solana/id.json -cp config.json ./assets

Creating our website with CandyPay and Next.js

Setting up a new Next.js app

npx create-next-app solana-qr-blog --ts
npm i  @candypay/sdk @solana/pay @solana/web3.js axios # npmyarn add @candypay/sdk @solana/pay @solana/web3.js axios # yarn

Using the public CandyPay API

Calling the API from the frontend

const generateQRCode = async () => {
const response = await axios.get("/api/get-qr");
const qr = createQR(, 512, "transparent");
if (qrRef.current) {
qrRef.current.innerHTML = "";
const qrRef = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null);
useEffect(() => {
}, []);
<div className={styles.container}>
<div ref={qrRef} />

Using CandyPay’s SDK

const urlParams: TransactionRequestURLFields = {
link: new URL(`${process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_URL}/api/mint`),
label: "CandyPay demo",
message: "",
const qrRef = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null);
<div className={styles.container}>
<div ref={qrRef} />

Creating the API



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