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How to send decentralized push notifications?

Using NodeJS & Ethereum Blockchain

  • The unique device token associated with the user’s device is sent to the server.
  • The server sends push notifications to the device using Firebase or Apple Push Notification Sever using the device token of the user.
  • Users can subscribe to the channel using their wallet if they want to receive notifications on important events like liquidation of their position in a money market protocol, etc.,
  • The notification engine can watch events on the platform and send push notifications to the channel. It can either broadcast or send a targeted notification to a particular wallet address.
  • The user can receive the notification via the EPNS browser extension (or) EPNS Mobile Application.

Creating our News Channel:

We have 2 options:

  • Creating the channel using the EPNS web interface.

Sending Notifications:

We can send notifications programmatically as well as through the interface. If we need to send important news of our platform, then we can use interface to send. But if we want to automate it based on some events, then the notifications can be sent programmatically.



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