How to stay motivated as a developer and stop procrastinating.

Shruti Kapoor
Geek Culture
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7 min readMay 7, 2022


Do you ever find it challenging to work on your project, side hustle, or even your hobby? Have you ever had those moments where nothing feels exciting? You lay in bed feeling — is it me, or is my work that boring? I have those days too. Some weeks I am charged up and determined to take over the world. The other weeks, I feel low, bored, and stuck, and I feel like I don’t have the motivation to write even one line of code.

This article will discuss what to do when you are not motivated and procrastinating working.

What to do when motivation depletes, and you have no excitement to work on anything?

We must remember that motivation comes in any shape or form. Some days, motivation looks like creating art, whereas other days, it inspires you to create a blog post. Some days it looks like going on a 7-mile hike, whereas other days, it is about taking care of yourself and working your ass off.

Acknowledge and appreciate the motivation and its form. Let it encompass you, take you on a ride, and bring you new experiences, joy, and fulfillment. Let yourself feel motivated — no matter what form it strikes in because motivation in one form bleeds into another.