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How To Turn $20 Into $10,000 Investing In Crypto

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It can be extremely difficult to find a project you can trust during this current market, especially with all the meme tokens that show up now and then.

There will come a time when you’ll come across that Diamond in the rough and you’ll know it’s time to invest.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I stumbled across Seedify.Fund

An absolute GEM of a token

and let me tell you why…

What Is Seedify.Fund (SFUND)?

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Seedify is a blockchain that focuses on being a launchpad and incubator for games. Their platform gives new projects opportunities to receive funding, community access and full support to help drive them forward with their projects.

Seedify allows investors to access new games at their initial launch in a tiered allocation system. Holders of their $SFUND token can earn staking rewards up to 90% APY, access to private sales and access to an amazing online community.

Launching in March 2021 at a price of $0.71, Seedify surged to an all-time high of $16 in November 2021. Seedify uses BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network to power its launchpad but has introduced Solana, Eth, Avax and Polygon since.

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There are not many projects that currently offer so many opportunities for both the developers and the investors. There have been so many projects launched which are months away from being fully developed or even functional.

Seedify came out of the gates with flying colours offering an amazing opportunity for everyone involved.

Holders of the $SFUND token have the opportunity to stake their tokens via their website. Seedify currently offers up to 6 different staking options starting from 7 days up to 180 days.

The current staking returns on each of these increase during the amount of time you stake for,

7 Days — 5% APY

14 Days — 11% APY

30 Days — 25% APY

60 Days — 55% APY

90 Days — 75% APY

180 Days — 90% APY

To give you an example of the possible returns you could expect from this, If you are staking 1000 $SFUND for 90 Days, that would be a 185 $SFUND return.

At the current price of $4, that would give you a $740 return…

If the price returns to an all-time high of $16, that’s around a $3000 return!


Seedify’s launchpad uses a tiered allocation system to allow SFUND holders the opportunity to buy each IGO. To ensure you have guaranteed access, you must own 1000 tokens. The more tokens you own, the more you can invest into each project.

To date, Seedify has launched 45 IGOs since its launch and almost every launch has seen amazing ROI returns.

Blocktopia launched on Seedify’s launchpad at a price of $0.00025.

At its ATH in Oct 2021, $BLOK reached a price of $0.14.

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That means the following ROI from investing $20 would have been over $10,000

What other project can offer such returns?

Bringing the community together

Seedify has built an amazing community online and an extremely active one on Telegram. I love projects that interact daily with their holders and fans and Seedify does just that.

This project is constantly looking for feedback to help improve the processes within Seedify. This gives the community a sense that they are part of the journey and that the project is here to stay long term.

It’s always exciting to see how many new gaming projects Seedify is pushing with their IGO calendar. It gives me the belief that the project wants to deliver quality projects on a large scale.

Final thoughts

Seedify will only continue to grow long term and help to bring mass adoption to the crypto gaming market.

There are other launchpads like Seedify, but I believe with the amazing team behind them, Seedify will continue to be the leading incubator going forward.

It’s important not to look a the current price of this token as it does not reflect the utility it provides. The price of the token will rise and fall depending on the market.

Dollar-cost averaging & staking will enable you to reach high tier allocations for future IGOs for more ROI potential.





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