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How to Use Github to Land your first software Job

No, I’m not going to tell you to build an amazing feature for a company.

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  1. Who this is for- This kind of advice is for a very specific kind of person. If you’re someone who wants to highlight only their coding skills, then using Github as your primary platform makes sense. But this will be a lot of effort.
  2. The Great Github Lies- Most GitHub advice is wrong. You don’t need to contribute an amazing feature to be noticed. Your GitHub contribution chart doesn’t need more green than a mid-2000s rap video. This helps. But it’s not necessary.
  3. Github is a social network too- Sure it doesn’t function like your typical social media. But it is very much a way to connect with like-minded people interested in the same things. Which is the pitch of every social network. Using it in this way will help you a lot.
  4. There are no shortcuts- Ultimately, you will need to put in the work, even in this case. Sure you won’t have to spend as much on other things. And yes talking to people is mostly frustrating and leads to nowhere. So this approach largely skips that. However, you will still have to spend a lot of time coding and getting involved in such communities. Ultimately, this is not an easier path, just a different one.
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Figuring out if this is for you

  • Do you feel interested in learning about the newest languages/frameworks?
  • Do you enjoy working on coding projects for extended hours, even if they have no monetary gain for you?
  • Is there a particular kind of development (Machine Learning, Mobile, Game, Web, etc. )that you like enough to devote extended hours to? Like digging into the intricacies of frameworks and architectures.

The GitHub Lies

This requires almost no breaks. Not a smart idea. This is not healthy.
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Using Github the right way

With the Internet and Remote work, don’t overlook the power of the network effect. Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

There are no shortcuts, only tradeoffs

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