How to Use the MetaMask Wallet

For sending & buying crypto

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3 min readNov 16, 2021


MetaMask on my mobile phone
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MetaMask is a decentralized crypto wallet that can be found and downloaded on It is a web browser extension that serves the purpose of a crypto wallet. You can also use it on mobile by downloading, the app from Google Play and App Store.

MetaMask Installation

If you have Google Chrome on your computer, you will have to search for MetaMask just like you search for any other extension: you go to Settings and then to Extensions. You install the extension and activate it, then you access it from the extensions bar near the top right corner of the browser. MetaMask also works for the Firefox, Edge, and Brave browsers.

Once installed, you open the extension, and you are asked whether you want to import an existing wallet or create a new one. If you already have a wallet created elsewhere, you will just have to use your passphrase and your wallet will be imported in MetaMask. If not, simply create a new wallet.

You will have to set up a password that will help you to log into the wallet, similar to how you log into an account the classical way. This is separate from the recovery key or passphrase. Once you set this up and you choose general options like language and currency, you can log in to the wallet.

Choosing the Right Blockchain Network

In MetaMask, you can choose different blockchain networks, such as the Ethereum main network, the Binance Smart Chain network, the Harmony network, and many others. make sure you are using the right network when you try to send crypto.

Adding New Tokens

You can add other tokens by looking for their smart contract address on their blockchain and pasting it in the Add Token area. On coinmarketcap, for some tokens, you may have the clickable MetaMask icon near the contract address with the “add to MetaMask” function. In this way, you can simply add the new tokens to the wallet.

Sending, Swapping & Receiving Crypto

Sending crypto is simple. You just use the Send option and input the address you want to send to. You will be shown the transaction fees, but you can also switch to lower fees. In this case, the transaction duration will be a lot longer.

screenshot from the send feature in MetaMask
The image is a screenshot from MetaMask made by the author

You can also swap between different cryptocurrencies. For receiving Ethereum and other Ethereum based cryptocurrencies, you have the wallet’s address on top of the extension, and if you go to the account, you will also find the QR code.

Loading the Wallet Using Fiat

When it comes to loading your wallet with money, the Ethereum token has the Buy button, from which you can choose different payment service providers, such as Wyre or Transak, and where you can add fiat using a credit card. There are some minimum sums allowed, depending on the token you want to buy and the network on which you want it done.

You will see the network fee and the transaction fee, then the total amount of fiat money that you will have to pay to buy a certain amount of crypto.


MetaMask is an easy-to-use wallet, once you know the basics. When sending money, it lets you choose the fees, by selecting how fast the transaction is to going be processed. It is easy to connect with any site and game that allows you to do this and please trust me, I have seen many of them do.