I asked an AI to paint 10 famous sci-fi book titles in one minute. Here are the results.

AI artists are fast, cheap, & growing better by the day. Are they destined to replace us?

Nick Saraev
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5 min readFeb 14, 2022

Fifty years ago, top scientists believed AI would never be able to beat humans at chess.

We all know how that turned out.

The newest goalpost is art. As an AI artist, people routinely tell me how my art isn’t real, or how it lacks humanity because it’s machine generated.

True, there’s some credence to these claims. But I would venture most people are simply uncomfortable with the notion that AI is starting to produce art faster & better than humans.

After my last post on AI art blew up, it naturally attracted a fair amount of similar criticism. Much was in reference to a supposed lack of diversity in the samples (apparently all of the landscapes looked the same).

To respond to this criticism, I decided to run an A100 GPU for one minute.

The prompts were 10 famous sci-fi book titles, & the results (below) were — as expected — astonishing.

Infinity Beach

Infinity is a long way from home. A sweeping, blue ocean, far-off creatures, and clouds reminiscent of an oil painting combine to form a tranquil piece.


How’s that for stylistic diversity? Though it has little in resemblance with the name of the novel that spawned it, these vibrant colors and sweeping shapes reinforce how AI art isn’t relegated to just one medium.

A Billion Days of Earth



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