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I Built News App in 7 hours

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

I got the idea to create an app for news and articles for Tech, Startups, and finance. So I decided to build one. In this article, I will show you what steps I followed to build my app this quick.

Work on app UI

The first thing I follow is to create the app with the hardcoded data so I get the feel of how the app will look after getting the data. And for creating the UI I usually browse through dribble to get UI ideas. Now that I know how I want my app to look like, it's time to start coding.

Start coding the app UI

You can create the UI for your app and begin with, just hardcode the data that you want to show. later you can get this data from an online server.

Finding the perfect API to get the content

In this app idea, I did not want to create all the backend infra just so that I can keep pulling the content in this niche and I only wanted to focus on building my app, not the backend. So I started searching for an API that I could use to get the content in this niche.

And then I decided to go with APIs, I only had to call one GET API and was able to get the latest content in that category.

Integrating with API

Now it's time to integrate the UI with the API so the app can show the content from the API. For API calls, I used retrofit, it's a lightweight HTTP API and it can reduce the code that you need to write just to call the API and get the data.

Prepare Play store listing

  • Icon: For generating the icon for my app, I usually go with
  • App Screenshots: for creating great app screenshots for free, I go to its a great platform that lets you create app screenshots very quickly.
  • Feature Images: you need to upload a featured image to the play store for your app. I use for this. because it's free and it's great.
  • Youtube Video (Optional): If you want to create a good app video as well, you can find a video editor on Fiverr who can create good videos cheaply.

Now you just need to complete the store listings and hit Publish.

Hope this article helps you plan your app development.




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