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I Want to Create My Own AI to Write Better Than My Hand Then I Peek at the Best One but It Is Not What I Think

It Might Be Long but You Will Be Glad if You Read This

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Our time is precious then we need leverage to save it

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the upcoming trend that will change our lives forever. Whatever your job is, you need tools to work and it’d be better if you find a tool that makes your life easier.

If you are a writer then you might need some tools to assist and the AI for this kind of job exists. Would it‘s’ better if you could gain more with less effort? That’s why AI exists.

I want to make one too but it’d be better if the existing one could do what I need. Then I googled and found, the highest performance AI of this field.

I paid $29 for using it to create content within 20,000 words. If I want more, I need to pay extra. It will be my own fault if this AI generates all sh*t to me. So, this is some kind of gamble and I will test it for you. Let me take you on a tour.

Blog Post Topic Ideas tool

Textboxes are similar to the AIDA framework but it’s a little different. Here you go, this is my inputs.

Company name: Writenow.aiProduct description:on our app, you can create a blog post with just one click with this tool. This AI will generate content in your style in seconds. This will save your time by 80 percent but get a professional blog post. You can say goodbye to writer’s block forever.Audience: writerTone of voice: authority

These are the results from his Blog Post Topic Ideas tool.

“Growth hacking is dead, here are the new rules for marketing in 2017”“How to become a writer”How to get your first 1000 newsletter subscribersWhat’s the first thing you do when writing a blog post?“5 books that every digital marketer should read”How to get a job as a writer?How to Find Your Perfect Blogging Niche10 steps to be a better writer“How to make your uppercut more effective”“ How to make a blog post with no effort”“7 mistakes to avoid when writing an article on your blog”10 easy ways to craft a better blog postThe hottest fashion trends for the fall15 things you need to know before writing a blog post

Hmm. Is my input that bad? I don’t think I can use any of these! The most terrible one is “The hottest fashion trends for the fall.” My audience was writers but why it created this topic for me? This AI lacks creativeness. Yeah, it does not have creativeness in the first place but at least it should pretend to have one. Well, the results disappointed me.

Content improver tool

Me: Wow! I can feel your aura!
AI: Hehe, do you have any content to improve?
Me: Yes, I have one.
AI: Leave it to me!
Me: Well, are you sure about it?
AI: Why not?
Me: Because the contents I want to improve are your outputs from the last time.
AI: $%%#@@!$%$%##@

Okay, I am glad to see this tool. So, I wonder if it could improve what it wrote for me in the previous post. If you have not read it yet, feel free to check it out.

Now, let’s see what will this AI can do.

Input 1

Interested in the sh*t that can destroy humanity? We have it. This is the worst of all sh*ts and you will never want to come near it. It’s so bad, we won’t even tell you what’s inside. You’ll just have to see for yourself…The only way to know if this is for you is by trying it out first hand. And be warned — once you try our product, there’s no going back.

Output 1.1

Interested in the sh*t that can destroy humanity? We have it. This is for those who want to live life on the edge, because you never know what’s coming next and if this isn’t your thing then-well we won’t tell you either way ;)This product will take all of your worries away when you’re unsure about anything else; so do yourself a favor and try our newest release today!

Output 1.2

Do you suffer from constipation? Have a hard time finding the bathroom in public places? Been feeling sluggish lately and have no idea why or how to fix it. Maybe that’s because your bowel movements are more like rocks than anything else, thanks to our latest invention- Post Constipation Relief (PCR). PCR is perfect for those who need help getting their stomach moving! It’s loaded with everything we know can cause diarrhea so chances of success are high… but be warned: once using this product, there’s really no going back.

Hey Hey Hey! The output 1.2 has gone too far from the origin content. It’s not an improvement but it is a different topic! And the output 1.1 is… Well, whatever, let’s move on.

Input 2

I am Mr. X, the chancellor of Thailand and I have been appointed to solve this problem. My plan is to borrow more money from other countries so we can repay our debts. This will be good for us because it will give us more time to pay back what we owe them and they’ll get their money back sooner than if we tried to do it on our own. We’re going to make sure that all the loans are paid off.

Output 2.1

I am Mr. X, the chancellor of Thailand and I have been appointed to solve this problem. My plan is to borrow more money from other countries so we can repay our debts by keeping a close eye on how much time passes in order for them to get repaid back faster than ever before! We know that it will be good for us because it gives us extra time as well as giving these people their hard-earned cash sooner rather than later with ease!

Output 2.2

In order to repay our debtors faster, I have decided to borrow money from other countries. We are going to make sure that all these loans get repaid in time so we can regain the trust of international markets and be able invest more domestically again.

Wow! This AI is an expert in borrowing money for sure. It said like an expert in this field. I am satisfied with the improved version of the content. However, I wonder if they can improve my original input. Then, here you go.

Input 3 (Origin content)

Alien’s sh*t is a terrible sh*t which can destroy entire humanity. It’s smell can kill an elephant who breath in only once. The sh*t itself contain the most terrible virus that stronger than corona virus for 100 times. Also, the mutation occurs every time we talk about sh*t’s owner in ill manner. It could become bull sh*t or dinosaur sh*t with a single word.

Output 3.1

Alien’s sh*t is the most terrible weapon in existence. It can destroy entire humanity with its mere smell, and it has a virus that makes corona look like child-play for comparison. And every time we talk about his owner or say something bad to him, he gets back at us by turning into different types of sh*ts: Bull Sh*t dinosaurs!

Output 3.2

Scientist found a new virus, the alien’s sh*t. It can kill an elephant by breathing in its smell for once and has stronger viruses than corona that is hundred times worse! The worst part of it all? Every time someone speaks ill about them they get more mutated into bull or dinosaur shit with just one word said to them even though we don’t see any difference between the two types of sh*t at first glance.

What the heaven! It really can improve it!

By the way, what is Bull Sh*t dinosaurs?

To sum up, I like this tool because it is able to improve content. Some of the outputs might not be good but the success rate is acceptable. Do you know what I am thinking now?

“If it has the ability to improve content like this, why won't it go all out from start?”

This is what I am thinking. Okay, let’s take a break before we move to the next tool.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Product description tool

What is this tool? This tool description is “Create compelling product descriptions to be used on websites, emails, and social media.” Well, I will use Input 3 (Origin content) to test it out.

Output 1

This is one product you don’t want in your home: Alien’s sh*t. It’s smell will kill an elephant who breathes it in once, and the sh*t itself has a terrible virus that’s stronger than Coronavirus for 100 times. It could become bullsh*t or dinosaur sh*t with a single word-so make sure to be careful around this loathsome substance!

Output 2

Alien’s sh*t, the most terrible sh*t which inflicts this world. You can’t imagine how bad it is until you use a broom to sweep away your mother’s dead hair at home and find out that cancerous cells are flourishing on the bristles of the brush. Plus, once you mention Alien’s name in an ill manner, any one word from “bull” to “dinosaur” will change its form accordingly as you peacefully lay down for your nap!

As I said earlier, why don’t AI improve its output before delivery? Forget it, I can just use the Content improver tool if I want a good result. Well, I see a new tool in the Beta version — Explain It To a Child. Let explain to them what Alien’s sh*t is.

Explain It To a Child tool

This tool is simple. Just input 400 words of text and a child’s grade. Let’s see how it explain to a grade one child from Input 3 (Origin content).

Output 1

Alien’s sh*t is a really bad thing. It smells so bad that it can kill an elephant if they only smell it once. The sh*t has a virus in it that is stronger than the corona virus for 100 times. And, by talking about its owner or saying bad things about them, then the sh*t could turn into different kinds of poop like bull and dinosaur poop with just one word!

Output 2

Alien’s ____ is a very bad thing that can destroy humanity. It smells so bad that an elephant who breathes in it just once will die. The ____ itself has the most terrible virus, which is stronger than the corona virus for 100 times. Also, if we talk about the owner of this ____ in a mean way, it can become bull _____ or dinosaur ______.

Here it comes again — AI’s block. Output 2 is not different than the original one and it can not determine what sh*t really is. For output 1…okay, it’s poop. Now, let’s see how will it explain this to a grade 12.

Output 1

Alien’s sh*t is really bad. It kills elephants and has a terrible smell. It also contains a virus that is stronger than the corona virus 100 times over. If you talk about its owner in an ill manner, it can become bull sh*t or dinosaur sh*t with just one word.

Output 2

Alien’s sh*t is a terrible thing! It can destroy all of humanity if it gets into the air. The smell is so bad that it could kill an elephant just by breathing in once. The sh*t itself contains one of the most dangerous viruses that are stronger than corona virus 100 times. It also mutates with every word we say about its owner, and could become bull sh*t or dinosaur shit just because we said something about them in a bad way.

Hmm, it only tried to replace some words with simpler words. Nothing more. Well, I am tired of sh*t. Let’s try something more interesting.

Creative Story tool

Do you see the example text? It seems to be a tool for novelists. Fear not, I am not going to write any sh*t this time.

My plot

Jim is a hunter from another dimension. He comes to our world to buy p*nties for himself because he thinks it is a soft mask. Unfortunately, he was arrested but he did not give up and using the device from his world, density multi-amplifier to multiply his f*rt millions times

AI’s plot 1

“Halt and identify yourself” said the officer. Jim took out his identification card from another dimension. “I am James,” he said, “international hunter.”The police officer looked at him as if he was crazy. “…you mean international peeper?” The policeman shot back with a smirk on his face. That was not what Jim had wanted to hear but he was not going to give up now that he is this close to buying p*nties for himself

AI’s plot 2

The police officer was fed up with the numerous calls from the grocery store. There were people fighting in the streets, stealing things and strange monsters that seemed to be everywhere. One of these monsters in particular, a large man with long orange hair and a matching beard, had been caught by Officer Billingsley.The beast had tried to get away but Billingsley quickly pinned him down before he could do anything else. He put handcuffs on him before questioning them about what they were doing here on earth. The monster refused to answer any questions so instead he just threw it into his patrol car after tying its hands behind its back with some spare rope left over from one of his old hunting trips. He drove off towards the station where he would

I wonder they are the same story. In plot 1, if AI wants to name his job then it should be Dimension hunter or Universal hunter. The ordering is wrong, he bought panties first then was arrested. It might see “Unfortunately, he was arrested” in past tense and thought this part should come first.

Wait…It thinks?

By the way, AI did not plot my last part;

“he did not give up and using the device from his world, density multi-amplifier to multiply his f*rt millions of times”

Because it is unique and creative? So, AI can not understand it without user data. In other words, it can not create something new without something new. Then, humans will never be replaced by any artificial intelligence in this field. It can only assist us.

Fig. 1 My AI blueprint mockup

Let’s see my AI blueprint mockup

I will explain how it works step by step.

  1. Input your key ideas, experience, and opinion about the topic. AI-3 and AI-4 will store it and wait to cooperate with AI-1 and AI-2.
  2. Input the link for raw information to AI-1 and upload the PDF file to AI -2.
  3. AI-4 analyzes key ideas and brainstorm with other AI. (huh?)
  4. They will use each sentence of key ideas as article structure, synchronizing all resources, and generate the content.
  5. AI-2 is a bit special. It selects the quote that suits the content structure and inserts citations where you mention the facts in the books or the author’s name with his words. I wonder if AI-2 could search the reference in Google Book and Google Scholar for us. If it is possible then we just write our part and let AI do the research. That’d be very convenient.

Well, this is my imagination. I don’t know why people think this is what Albert Einstein said but here you are,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

The sci-fi fiction ‘The World Set Free’ has mentioned the ‘atomic bomb’ that would cause 30 years before it was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then this AI should take some time to be usable. I am excited to see what the future holds for architecture with all its possibilities and creativity.



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