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I Want to Develop an AI to Be My Brain and Hands in Writing Then I Have to Peek at the Existing Ones, Right?

If You Have an Easier Way to Succeed, Why Choose the Harder One? But Does It Really Work?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Are you tired of spending hours on end trying to write content?

I would say “YES” to this question. It’d be great if you just input your key idea and let AI generate content in your writing style. Even you can’t use it without editing, saving 80 percent of normal time to create your first draft is really blissful. And…that’s my goal.

This article took me 5 hours to finish. It was a lot of time. If AI took care of this and save me 80 percent of it, then I will have 4 extra hours to work. That’s a good investment. Well, before I spending my time on research, are there any tools similar to what I want?

I google it and see a lot of them. By the way, for AI writing assistance, the G2 Grid® tells me that Convesion.aI has the highest performance. So, I will try it out.

“If we do it right, we might be able to evolve a form of work that taps into our uniquely human capabilities and restores our humanity. The ultimate paradox is that this technology may become a powerful catalyst that we need to reclaim our humanity.” - John Hagel

Let’s test uses the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. What I need to do is filling some information into the textboxes, choose the amount of output and then click generate content.

This is the input I fill in its form.

Company/Product Name: Writenow.AIProduct description :Writing is so hard for me. So, I think about building leverage to create content. For 3 years of research, Writenow.AI was launched in July 2024. Just create your own style template, input keyword, and your intention, Writenow.AI will do the rest.Tone of voice: Authority

And this is what I get.

Attention: Do you want to write better content?Interest: Writenow.AI is a revolutionary AI-powered tool that will help you create better content in less time. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to increase their blog traffic or online visibility without having to spend hours writing articles and posts themselves.Desire: With our easy-to-use interface, it only takes seconds to create an article template with your own style and tone of voice, input keywords, and set your intention for what kind of post you want to make. Then just hit publish! You can even schedule posts ahead of time so they go live at the best possible times for maximum exposure on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. And because we’re powered by artificial intelligence (AI), there are no limits on how many pieces of content you can generate — all from one account!Action: Sign up today and start creating amazing content with Writenow.AI!

I ask it to generate 10 of them to analyze but according to the first novel written by AI. Its architecture was ingesting 60 million words (360 MB) of raw literature. So, I wonder if this is just spinning words from its database. Thus, before I analyze 10 of them, I tried to sell something that should not be in any database in this world, the chancellor.

My product at this time is Mr. X, the chancellor of Thailand. I describe it, “He is good at being dumb and deligent to borrow money. Your country will be in the great debt that has never been in history. His ability is unquestionable, he solve the flood crisis easily by renaming it as the water waiting to be drained.” Again, I choose an authoritative tone.

As you see, I misspell “diligent” as “deligent” and “he solve” should be “he solved” but I let them be to see its response. Here are the results!

Attention: Thailand is in a crisis.Interest: Mr. X, the chancellor of Thailand, has a solution to solve this problem. He will borrow money from other countries and use it to pay off the debt that we owe them. This way, we can get out of this crisis without any problems!Desire: We need your help to make sure he gets elected as our next prime minister so he can fix all these problems for us! You should vote for him on election day because you want Thailand to be great again!Action: Vote for Mr. X on election day so he can take care of all these issues with ease!
Attention: Thailand is in a lot of debt.Interest: I am Mr. X, the chancellor of Thailand and I have been appointed to solve this problem. My plan is to borrow more money from other countries so we can repay our debts. This will be good for us because it will give us more time to pay back what we owe them and they’ll get their money back sooner than if we tried to do it on our own. We’re going to make sure that all the loans are paid off before 2020, which should be enough time for me to find a new job!Desire: If you want your country’s economy fixed quickly, please lend some money so that my country can pay you back as soon as possible!Action: Send me an email at with how much you would like me to borrow from you and when I should repay it by! Thank you for your help!
Attention: Mr. X is the chancellor of Thailand, and he has a message for you.Interest: He’s good at being dumb and diligent to borrow money from other countries so that your country will be in debt that has never been seen before. His ability is unquestionable, as he solved the flood crisis easily by renaming it as the water waiting to be drained.Desire: Your country will be in great debt with this man as its leader, but his ability is unquestionable — he’s already solved one problem by renaming it! If you want your country to have a chance at solving any problems without getting into more debt, vote him out of office now! 
Action: Vote against Mr. X today!

Damn it! I can make a joke out of this app! However, it did not understand my intention. I want to kick Mr. X out of Thailand by selling him to another country but AI tried to help him win the votes and stay in Thailand.

Now, do you recognize something in number 3? Yes, AI copied my product’s description and create only a few words on its own. But at least it corrects the wrong words. If we call a struggling to write the writer’s block then it should be an AI’s block in this case.

Okay, let’s make things harder for this AI. This time, I will try to sell the Alien’s sh*t.

“It’s a terrible sh*t which can destroy entire humanity. It’s smell can kill an elephant who breath in only once. The sh*t itself contain the most terrible virus that stronger than corona virus for 100 times. Also, the mutation occurs every time we talk about sh*t’s owner in ill manner. It could become bull sh*t or dinosaur sh*t with a single word.” I wrote in the description.

Again, I still use an authoritative tone.

Attention: Attention, attention!Interest: Interested in the most terrible sh*t? You’re not alone. The Alien’s sh*t is a product that can destroy humanity and it smells so bad that an elephant will die from just one breath. It contains the strongest virus ever created and if you say anything negative about its owner, it’ll mutate into something even worse like bull or dinosaur sh*t.Desire: Want to buy this amazing product? Click here for more information on how to get your hands on some of this incredible Alien’s sh*t today! Hurry before supplies run out!Action: Buy now before we sell out of stock!
Attention: Attention, attention!Interest: Interested in the sh*t that can destroy humanity? We have it. This is the worst of all sh*ts and you will never want to come near it. It’s so bad, we won’t even tell you what’s inside. You’ll just have to see for yourself…Desire: The only way to know if this is for you is by trying it out first hand. And be warned — once you try our product, there’s no going back. Once your curiosity has been satisfied with a taste of our product, then we’re sure that you’ll want more than anything else in the world to buy some more from us!Action: Click here now and order some Alien’s Sh*t before supplies run out!
Attention: Attention! We have a serious problem.Interest: The Alien’s sh*t is the most terrible thing in the world. It can destroy entire humanity and it has a smell that can kill an elephant who breath in only once. The sh*t itself contain the most terrible virus that stronger than corona virus for 100 times. Also, the mutation occurs every time we talk about sh*t’s owner in ill manner. It could become bull sh*t or dinosaur shit with a single word.Desire: This is not something to be taken lightly, so please take action now by clicking on this ad and reading more about how you can protect yourself from this threat!

Again, it’s an AI’s block. Number 3 copied my words again and did not correct them. Grammarly points out 4 mistakes.

who breath -> that breathecontain -> containscorona virus -> coronavirusfor ->ill -> an ill

The number 1 and 2 can not alternate words in Attention and trying to sell Alien’s sh*t for real. While number 3 views it as a threat and trying to sell information, the sentences in Desire and Action also merged into one.

From this output, it seemed AI had gone mad from my input.

Well, I am sorry for that.

AI can be handy only when it has enough data

I have proved that. When AI lacks data, it’s useless and spilling nonsense. Now, let’s come back to those ten that I generated earlier. This is the result.

  1. Two attentions were written in the same sentence while the other two share the same sentence in the first half. Then 70 percent of Attention is not duplicated.
  2. I the same way as (1), The 90 percent of Action is not duplicated.
  3. The 6 out of 10 in Interest, starts the sentence with “Writenow.AI is a revolutionary AI-powered.” The following sentences are great. Let’s clap for it. However, some parts of Interest use the same sentence in Desire. For example, it says “You’ll never have to worry about writer’s block again.”
  4. There is no problem in Desire. One of them even uses slang — “no problemo!” It is really great in this part.

“The coming era of Artificial Intelligence will not be the era of war, but be the era of deep compassion, non-violence, and love.” - Amit Ray, Pioneer of Compassionate AI Movement.

Conclusion is the best performance AI for writing assistance suggested by the G2 Grid®. Even It’s not the AI I want to create but it’s not a bad idea to test it out.

From outputs, it generates many great contents when I choose to write what they have tons of data. Without enough data, outputs are terrible. Also, it can’t interpret my intention. If I want to develop my own AI, I should request the intention of the content from users.

The possible way to create writing AI with the writer’s style. I need all of the same writer’s works on the same topic as the database. This is where this project should get started. However, brainstorming to create writing patterns is a possible task too.



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