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Incredible! We, the writers, will dominate the world with this AI instantly

Here is a report after I spent a day on it

Map of relevance resource in Iris.AI

These are some interesting and promising titles:

  • Ethicalization of Social Work and Socialization of Ethics―An African Challenge
  • Does Morality Have a Point?
  • Against and beyond — for sociology : a study on the self-understanding of sociologists in England
  • (The Ethics of) Teaching Science and Ethics: A Collaborative Proposal.
  • The morality of common sense: problems from Sidgwick
  • Ethical Issues between Workforce and Religious Conviction
  • The theory and practice of biomedical ethics : a troubled divide
  • Ethics in Schopenhauer and Buddhism
  • Interrupting moral technique, transforming biomedical ethics: reading Karl Barth against the ‘sin’ of the common morality and for the postures of human flourishing
  • Ethical issues in optometric practice
  • A helping hand or a servant discipline? Interpreting non-academic perspectives on the roles of social science in participatory policy-making
  • Psychology as science and as discipline: the case of Germany.
  • Moral science, or, The philosophy of obligation
Does Morality Have a Point?



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