Internet Computer: Web App Decentralized Database Architecture

An approach of the data persistence for web applications with the Internet Computer of the DFINITY foundation.

David Dal Busco
Geek Culture
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9 min readAug 17, 2021


We are developing a proof of concept to port our web app, DeckDeckGo, to the DFINITY’s Internet Computer.

After having validated the hosting and password-less authentication integration, we are tackling the last question of our POC: persisting user data and presentations in the blockchain.

Along the way, we tried out two concepts:

  • a “conservative” one: a data persistence in a single database-like storage
  • a “futuristic 🤯” one: generate a database-like smart contract on the fly for each deck created by a user

In this article I present these two approaches.

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The scope of this blog post is limited to simple key-value database concepts. That kind of persistence is the one we rely on in DeckDeckGo.