A set of diverse and inclusive pictures created by AI — by Merely AI

It is time to discuss diversity and inclusion in AI-generated images.

A quick reflection on the necessity of inclusivity in the new AI-powered art.

Jair Ribeiro
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4 min readOct 3, 2022

Generative AI models that allow us to produce wonderful visuals are based on data learning, and if the data is biased, it can have serious effects.

Implicit bias in these models, or how we use them to produce images and videos, can lead to imbalanced representation and inclusion.

Diversity is particularly important in this game-changing revolution that AI-generated images bring to our society since we need to ensure that when an AI model creates an image, or millions of them, as we have seen recently, it can do so without bias or discrimination.

To give you an idea of the potential problem of representativity in the Artificial Intelligence field, women make up only 15% of AI researchers at Facebook and 10% at Google, and Black employees make up less than 5% of the staff at Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, while Black workers in the United States as a whole make up roughly 12% of the workforce.

Because of a scarcity of diverse engineers and researchers, products and services made and utilized by billions of consumers may spread bias on a massive scale. As a result, inclusiveness and diversity in AI are critical.

A lack of diversity in academia is also problematic for developing AI-related fields and applications, as an imbalance of equality principles might result in impartial outcomes.

A diverse and inclusive picture created by AI — by Merely AI

The new role of AI in content generation

With AI-generated images playing an expanding role in many aspects of our daily lives, the lack of diversity in these images and the invisibility of various people may constitute a cascade of representativity crises, with episodes piling on top of one another if these biases are not addressed soon.

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Jair Ribeiro
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