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Keep your CV updated like a developer using GitHub Actions & LaTeX

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1. Use a version controller

What better way to keep your CV versioned than with a version control tool. Create a new repository on GitHub where you will store your CV as source code.

2. Find a good LaTeX template for your CV

I suggest you use LaTeX. LaTeX is a text composition system, specially oriented to the creation of books, scientific and technical documents, which is determined to be highly flexible. Some advantages are:

  • It is free software.
  • There are a whole series of templates that offer a professional result.
  • No need to worry if the result changes from one computer to another or in different versions.
  • There is a lot of bibliography online.

3. Compile your document in PDF format

It is useless to have your document in .tex format if we are not able to generate a PDF version that can be sent to a human being. I don’t think recruiters want to read a resume in .tex format 😁. This is where GitHub Actions comes in. We can configure that with each change that we upload to our development branch, this trigger an action that compiles our document and stores it within the repository itself.

4. Share easily

If we make the repository public, it is possible to download the document in a simple way using the URL of the file. It would be something similar to this:

Download your CV using curl



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