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Key Trends in Mobile App Development 2020–21


Top 10 mobile app trends that will manage in 2020–21.

1| Combination with cloud computing services

2| Machine Learning

  • No human interaction and no human intervention required.
  • Machine learning can quickly process large amounts of multidimensional data.
  • Continuous process improvement, such as operation, analysis, and refinement, can take place.
  • Better predictions and modeling recommendations with analytical data.

3| Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

  • It improves customer service and customer engagement by assisting the customer.
  • It is very cost-effective for consumers.
  • It impacts the profession by improving sales and customer service.

4| 5G mobile technologies

  • High internet speeds and high performance of 5G networks.
  • Excellent and reliable connections for users to mobile applications.
  • More reliable B2B applications for business users.
  • More data processing and transmission on connected devices.

5| Blockchain

6| Mobility of businesses

7| Beacon

8| On-demand apps (Uber-style).

9| Portable devices

10| Improving the security of mobile apps



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