Know the Latest Technologies & Frameworks for Custom Software Development

Implementing Top 5 Technologies/Frameworks for Custom Software Solutions

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Trending Technologies & Frameworks for Custom Software Development

With the flow of wind, new technologies are getting introduced to the world at a rapid pace. Just imagine how technologies have changed the world entirely in the span of a few years. And it’s not the end yet, there is more to come in the future, and we can’t predict that.

Some technologies have impacted a lot in digital transformation and changed the dynamics of how businesses function. Many companies and enterprises from different countries have gained a lot of profit and advantages by using the latest technologies.

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According to Statista, Technology like Artificial intelligence is projected to cross the market value by 126 billion U.S. dollars.

With the evolving technologies coming into their own, coming into the frame, Companies and businesses must be prepared to welcome changes in software development concepts to introduce best practices and manage their businesses more efficiently.

Let’s discuss some of the latest technologies and frameworks to be used for custom software solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become an essential element for all the technology platforms that people worldwide use today. Many custom software development companies have adopted Artificial intelligence and made many custom apps like Chatbot, Voice assistants like Siri, or Google Assistant.

For making custom software solutions of Artificial Intelligence, you need to use various frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Nvidia Caffe, Caffe2, Theano, etc. These frameworks are very lightweight, easy to learn, and extremely fast.

TensorFlow, Theano, Torch offer excellent custom software solutions for commercial projects, but they are more likely to be used in scientific computing. Many big companies like Google, Amazon, Samsung are using these frameworks and developing innovative software programs to develop the world.

Artificial intelligence is the future, and with the help of these frameworks, it has been possible to use AI in the real-world from the laboratories by performing some algorithms.


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As we all know what IoT is capable of doing in the world and what it already did. This technology has strongly resulted in a highly developed far-reaching system of middleware between the user applications and devices.

The popularity of the IoT strategy around the globe is easily explained by the fact that there are billions of devices worldwide in all aspects of human life: Industries, medicine, commerce, lifestyle, farming, to name just a few.

Most custom software development companies eyeing IOT technology and working very hard to make several custom software solutions for the world’s welfare, and IoT has several advantages to help your business like:

  • Business opportunities
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Mobility and agility
  • Customer experience

For making a custom software solution on IoT, you need to work on several frameworks to make your work easier and faster. Frameworks like KAA IoT, ZETTA, etc., are some of the best IoT frameworks, making the job easier and convenient to develop custom software applications.

Immersive Technology

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Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) are the most innovative technologies that have been available for quite some time now.

A few years back, these technologies were unknown to ordinary people but were used for military purposes due to various complexities. In today’s world, these technologies are significantly used in the consumer market in virtual reality games, holograms with augmented reality, and much more.

Big companies have leveraged these technologies to deliver enhanced smartphone applications.

Some of the advantages of Immersive technologies are:

  • Connecting with customers
  • Speeding up product design and development
  • Training employees
  • Working more efficiently
  • Attracting talents

Many frameworks are used to make this technology unique and exciting, like ARkit, ARcore, Vufore, Wikitude. The future of immersive technology is very interesting and bright. Nowadays, this technology is being used by custom software development companies to make custom software solutions.


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BlockChain, the name is new but not unknown. Most of you would have heard this name in cryptocurrency development since the beginning. Even though now, this technology is being primarily used in various industries and software development. Blockchain is beneficial in keeping the data safe and secure.

According to Statista, global spending is expected to surpass 15.9 billion by 2023 for blockchain solutions. Currently, the accounting status of the financial sector is 60% of BlockChain’s market value worldwide. Undoubtedly, Blockchain is increasing exponentially across the market.

Most companies provide custom software development services for custom software solutions on Blockchain. There are few reasons why companies choose Blockchain.

Benefits of using Blockchain:

  • Money Transfer and payment processing
  • Monitor supply chains
  • Retail loyalty rewards program
  • Digital Voting
  • Copyright protection
  • Tax regulations and compliance

There are several platforms, programming languages, and frameworks from which you can build custom software solutions.

  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Corda
  • Multichain
  • BaaS
  • EOS
  • Coinbase
  • Node.js
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Solidity
  • C++
  • WebAssembly
  • Java

Cloud Computing

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Software development has developed remarkably with cloud computing. It covers everything right from platforms and infrastructure to the software. Businesses implement different cloud computing models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) to improve development, testing, storage, analytics, and even disaster recovery.

According to Statista, In 2018, revenues from the public cloud market are expected to reach a combined 258 billion U.S. dollars.

Why does a custom software development company choose cloud computing for custom software solutions?

The benefits of using Cloud Computing are:

  • Efficiency and cost reduction
  • Data security
  • Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Disaster recovery

Choosing Cloud computing is on the rise every year, and it doesn’t take much time to see why. Industries recognize cloud computing benefits and see how they impact their production, security, revenue, and collaboration.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I want to conclude that these technologies have contributed a lot to every industry, and still, there is a lot left in them. Various custom software development companies choose these technologies as they possess several unique and beneficial advantages to help businesses grow more comparatively.

Suppose you also want to be ahead of your competition. In that case, you should also develop custom software solutions on these trending technologies and help your company to grow at another level.



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