Kubernetes: Evenly Distribution of Pods Across Cluster Nodes

Puru Tuladhar
Geek Culture
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Dec 1, 2021



Managing Pods distribution across a cluster is hard. Pod affinity and anti-affinity feature of Kubernetes allows some control of Pod placement. However, these features only resolve part of Pods distribution use cases.

There is a common need to distribute the Pods evenly across the cluster for high availability and efficient cluster resource utilization.

As such, PodTopologySpread scheduling plugin was designed to fill that gap. The plugin has reached a stable state since Kubernetes v1.19.

Source: Pod Topology Spread Constraints

Learn with an example on how to use topology spread constraints a feature of Kubernetes to distribute the Pods workload across the cluster nodes in an absolute even manner.

👉 Read more here: https://ptuladhar.gumroad.com/l/kubernetes-pod-distribution