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Latest Updates on Google Data Analytics (November 2021)

The highlights of the updates on BigQuery, Looker Studio (formerly called Google Data Studio), Google Analytics (GA) & Google Tag Manager (GTM). By Alexander Junke

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In this blog post, I want to summarize the new releases from the Google tools, that we use daily in datadice. Therefore I want to give an overview of the new features of BigQuery, Looker Studio (formerly called Google Data Studio), Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Furthermore, I will focus on the releases that I consider to be the most important ones and I will also name some other changes that were made.

If you want to take a closer look, here you can find the Release Notes from BigQuery, Looker Studio, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager.


New scripting statements

Google added some functions to the scripts. With scripts you can send multiple statements in one request. Scripts has more possibilities like declaring variables or loops. The new available functions are:

  • CASE
  • FOR…IN

You can find all available functions here.


The INFORMATION_SCHEMA views for routines, schemata, and tables got an additional column with the name “DDL”. This column contains the DDL Query to create a table with the same structure.

After executing the following SQL Statement you get the meta-information for the tables in the dataset:


One row is one element in the dataset (Table, View, …) and the last column contains the described DDL-statement:

CREATE TABLE `project_name.dataset_name.element_name`


column_1 INT64,

column_2 STRING,

column_3 STRING,

column_4 FLOAT64


Hint: If the DDL statement is too long, it is shortened with 3 dots. To see the full statement, you have to click on “Show Full Values”

Looker Studio

Interact with the report in edit mode

Looker Studio changed the behavior of the interaction with the report in edit mode.

A good example is the use of filters. You are able to change the filter value in the edit mode. Another side effect is, if you change the filters in the view mode, they remain in the edit mode.

Another effect is the shown label after hovering over the diagram. Before it was also just visible in the view mode.

All of these changes ensure a faster review of the changes in the report and chart settings.

New Data panel

There is a new panel on the right side in the edit mode available. When no element is selected in the report, the so-called “Data” panel is visible.

New “Data” panel

You can select all connected data sources of the report with a dropdown menu. Furthermore, you see all fields of the selected datasource.

If you drag and drop a field to the page (outside of a chart), Looker Studio creates a new chart with this field (mostly a simple scorecard). If you drag the field to an already existing chart, the field is added to the chart. It depends on the field data type if it is added as dimension or metric, for example:

  • Number fields are metrics
  • Date fields are dimensions

Display & Video 360 connector

The default Looker Studio connector for Display & Video 360 has now more fields inside. For example:

  • Budget Segment Name
  • Line Item Start Date
  • Insertion Order Goal Type

To get this new field in an already existing data source, you have to refresh the fields.

Refresh the fields of a data source

Google Analytics

Changed Channel Grouping (GA4)

Google changed the Default Channel Grouping in GA4.

There are a lot of new channels: Organic Shopping, Paid Shopping, Paid Other Audio, SMS, and some more. Furthermore, the YouTube traffic is now assigned to “Organic Video” or “Paid Video” (with Google Ads auto-tagging). Before the change, the channel of this traffic was “Social”.

To see the current status of the GA4 Channel Grouping, you can take a look here.

Google Tag Manager

No further release for the Google Tag Manager.

Upcoming datadice blog post for this month

  • Wrangler UI and Metadata in Cloud Fusion — Coming Soon

Further Links

This post is part of the Google Data Analytics series from datadice and explains to you every month the newest features in BigQuery, Looker Studio, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

If you want to learn more about how to use Google Looker Studio and take it to the next level in combination with BigQuery, check our Udemy course here.

If you are looking for help to set up a modern and cost-efficient data warehouse or analytical dashboards, send us an email to and we will schedule a call.



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