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Launching 619 thousand Tetris on GPU, their rendering, and a simple bot

GLSL Auto Tetris

The idea:

Download or Launch links:

Hardware requirement:

What is it:

Because this project is one of my first shaders, I can point these two mistakes:

Tetris board saved in bits:

Visually (debug frame), three pixels are highlighted in red, this is one saved Tetris board.

Why do we need action IDs:

Slow place:

Debug screenshot with only data-saving logic.

Storage Algorithm Performance:

The logic of bot that also checks free blocks, default bot does not do that, read below.

Bot/AI logic:

Default bot logic:

My bot logic works like this:


loop ( 4 rotation of current block )
loop ( by width of table is 10 )
IF ( block_can_be_moved_here )
IF ( current_block_height and position
less than the previous one )
THEN we remember best block_ID and best_POS
function block_can_be_moved_here
check in the loop(size of block)
that all elements of the map(tetris board)
are 0 where the elements of block are 1

Interface / UI rendering

Image shader line 280

To avoid pixelation when scrolling:

UI numbers:

Launching and Advanced options:

Control in all versions:

To launch Web version on the Shadertoy:

To launch Binary version:

This version has special options:



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