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Looking Ahead: The Future of Opportunity in Business in 2022

Start before it’s not your opportunity anymore!

You need to pay the bills but will it be enough in an uncertain situation?

It’s better to have a new streamline of income to ensure your financial security. I learn many things in these ten days and I should share them with you to prepare for tomorrow.

As you see the picture, it’s Etsy’s revenue last year. In this pandemic period, their income has pierced the sky. The revenue in 2020 is two times higher than in 2019. What will it be in 2021?

Crafting trends is so hot and it will get hotter!


Because you can do anything!

With a 3D printer, you can create anything with your own design or digital files you bought. You can save a lot of money and it’s also an opportunity for your business.

For example, the Gundam figure in Amazon is $50. If you have a free STL file, you just spend money on the material to create it in any size. If it does not violate the license, you can sell your product too.

In the same way, CNC router can help you engraving wood with the same STL file but it’s better to do something without a lot of detail like Gundam figure. The most thing I like about it is allowing us to create something big.

Glowforge, the laser cutter, is also able to engrave wood. It can handle details but can’t handle the big ones. The materials are not limited to wood, you can engrave to acrylic, leather, and fabric.

A lot of product that made with these machines are selling in Etsy.

That's why I bring this topic here before it’s too late for the change.

Etsy also has its own SEO. It’s about naming titles and tags but it’s not easy. then, I bought a tool to find niche keywords but it does not show me search volume. It’s not good enough and it’s on refund processing. I found the better one with search volume, Sale Samurai.

Well, Etsy SEO is about to get seen by customers. However, getting orders is a different story. You need a good product and attractive images to get conversions. Yes, there is a long way to go and it might be late if you do not start it now. Someone already made millions of dollars from this platform. Thus, this is a good opportunity in business.

Print on demand is also a hot trend. Redbubble will be in the top 10 enterprise values in 2021. There is no SEO here. All we have is the Redbubble trend and go for that keywords. There are three free tools for this operation but I think this one is the best out of them.

Everything needs time to learn. I also need to wait for the result and keep improving it to reach a ray of success.

You can choose to change now or let the world force you to change later.

Your choices.

— — — — — — -

N.B. This post is my experiment on headlines. Yes, Rytr can generate headlines along with the outline but it does not give me a score. I found Contetrow, the headline generator, and try this out.

There are four types in category: clickbait, evergreen, seasonal and topical. You can filter to get any type of headline with its score.

This headline is a topical type headline and got 80 scores in Cententrow but it got only 68 scores in Sharethrough, which is a popular tool among writers.

Well, what should I believe?

That’s why I will use this post as a survey. To participate, please clap.

  • +1 clap for Okay
  • +2 claps for Good
  • +3 claps for Great

Thank you for your participation!



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