Move your sidebar to the right side

Ali Toshmatov
Oct 11 · 2 min read

Have you ever thought sidebar in VS code might distract you, I do, and I have been. I tend to collapse and open the back sidebar a lot, and when it switches its state, your whole code editing area has to jump, and it kinda bothers me, I think most of the time I am focused on code and every time it jumps I get distracted. I lose my focus for a little bit, and it really annoys me.

Toggling sidebar in VS code
Toggling sidebar in VS code

The simple solution was just to move the sidebar to right, I got this solution from Ben Awads post on LinkedIn. At first, it seems like a really simple solution or rather dumb. But I enjoyed it so much, that I wouldn’t go back to lefty sidebars. Also if you think about it, in most of the languages single line won’t be long, most of the time, less than 80 characters, so this leads to empty space on the right side of the coding area, thus making it the best place to put your sidebar in. Also now I don’t have to close my sidebars again.

Just give it a try, and you can thanks me later

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