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NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts (Introduction + Features)

All people from all around the world are now engaged with the digital world, and we can see that everything, from art to real estate, has been digitalized with all their value kept. Being a part of this digital world has been a dream that looks untouchable. But you need to know that this dream is not as untouchable as it sounds. Owning an NFT marketplace can pave the way to reaching the dream. To have an NFT marketplace, one must know which role model to choose. Several NFT Marketplace clone scripts are successful in this field, and their achievements and features can make them huge role models. In this article, we will introduce clone scripts that one might want to follow, such as Opensea, Rarible, Foundation, Binance, etc. So stay tuned.

Axie Infinity Clone script

Axie Infinity clone script is a readymade P2E (play-to-earn) NFT game script which is 100% bug-free and thoroughly tested. It is where players can breed, raise, battle, and trade adorable digital monsters called Axie and earn more assets. In this platform, instead of trading the NFT, you participate in a game that will give you assets based on the game's result. This clone script can be applied on different blockchains such as And it can also be applied in different blockchains such as BSC, Ethereum, TRON, Polygon Matic, Avalanche, WAX, and Fantom.

Some features are interesting and eye-catching about this clone script and including them in your own NFT marketplace will make it draw more audience. Let’s check some of them, but I’m going to name them briefly, and then, introducing the companies, I will elaborate on that.

Features of This Clone Script

· Battle: which is a kind of platform for the game.

· Land: It is necessary for creating your kingdom in the game.

· Breeding: For upgrading the cute little Pets

· Small Love Portion: which are actually an ERC20 tokens

· Axie Infinity Shards: and this one is actually an ERC 20 governance token

· Marketplace: you can trade your assets in this marketplace, but it is a little different.

As you know they have actually some cute monsters (Axies) that will fight in land and these monsters are different and there need to be some explanations on them.

· Origin Axies: These Axies were sold with the motto of improving the origin of the upcoming Axies. 4088 of these were sold during the pre-sale, leading to the creation of Axie Origin Coins.

· Mystic Axies: Mystic Axies is born out of the Origin Axies, which remained during the pre-sale. The Scarcity of Mystic Axies is very well defined and maintained through Smart Contracts. In the upcoming years, the Mystic Axies would evolve with special powers.

The digital wallets that this clone script supports are:

· Ronin Wallet

· MetaMask Wallet

· Trezor & Ledger

· Trust Wallet

· Atomic Wallet

· MyEther Wallet

Binance Clone Script

Just like other marketplaces, Binance NFT marketplace is the most prominent space for buying, selling, and auctioning of digital assets and one of these assets is NFTs. Binance NFT Marketplace is designed with highly-coded programming languages, it is in fact look-alike model and a white label pattern of NFT marketplace of binance and it is secure and safe. It is worth mentioning that it is customizable and it is 100% bug free. It is consist of great features and functionalities. It both offers the Binance clone script and Binance clone app. One of the best solutions to have an NFT marketplace like Binance is a white label Binance NFT Marketplace clone script, because by deploying white label clone script you will have an advanced NFT marketplace, the construction of which will cost you less than any other clone scripts.

Features of Binance NFT Marketplace Clone Script

· User-friendly application layer

· Multiple language support

· Easier access

· Wide-range of cryptocurrencies support

· Royalty payment support system

· Ratings

· Listings

· Storefront

· Search options with filters

· Assets available from various domains

Various Supported Domains of Binance NFT Marketplace

· Gaming industries

· Arts creation

· Sports

· Digital collectibles

· Fashion designing

· NFT for goods

· Music

Foundation clone script

Foundation NFT marketplace clone script is defined as an NFT marketplace which is based on the Ethereum blockchain- which is known as the most trustable blockchain- and needless to say that all its trades are done in smart contracts which makes the process faster, safer and securer. The technology of smart contract is actually of the facts that makes it popular. White label Foundation clone script is a safe space for all the information and assets. Ready to made Foundation clone script is recommended since it does not waste precious time and it can be customized based on your preferences. There are number of benefits that might convince the clients to choose it. Here are some benefits of Foundation clone script:

· High customization scope

· A modern cheap solution for starting an NFT marketplace

· Organization of instant NFTs auction

· Covert digital collectibles into outstanding NFTs

· Generate high ROI

· No technical expertise is needed

· The admin can manage all the major factors like auctioning and bidding

· Designed by real-time performance tracking functionality

· Containing dashboard user and cutting-edge admin

There are some factors and features that are worth mentioning, such as:

· Storefront

· Multi-wallet integration

· NFT minting

· Asset categorization

· Analytics

· Asset listing

· Diverse types of assets

· Performance Monitor

· Advanced search option

Artworks Supported by Foundation

· Photos

· Videos

· Music

· Sports

· Celebrities

· Metaverse

· Blogs

· Domain names

· Games

· Real estate

· Fashion

· Art

Rarible Clone Script

Rrible platform was started in 2020 and its CEO is Alexei Flin who is alos the creator of Sticker. in June 2021, Rrible was able to win $14.2 million from a consortium of venture investors and presently is trading at $26.79, with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,326,215- a 9.80 percent gain over the previous day’s price. It is also customizable and it gives the opportunity to creative artists to market their creations, such as paintings, movies and music albums as NFTs. The NFT token that is used for the creation of a unique work of art is called ERC 721 and the one which is used for making different versions of the same work of art is called ERC1155. Aside from being creative, secure and bug-free, the Rarible NFT marketplace clone script is also economical, in other words, users can easily create an NFT platform in a blink of an eye and with no difficulty.

What are some features of Rarible clone script?

· The very first feature that comes to mind is the ability of listing, selling and buying NFTs using the so-called Rrible.

· It is compatible with diferent devices like, selphone, desktop and ete, so it gives the users the benefit of having quick access to their own marketplace, no matter where they are and when are they operating on the system.

· You can use various wallets in Rarible and it is not confined to specific wallets, thus it is easier for users to use the platform with any kind of currency.

· For a user, safety and security are the factor that counts. In Rarible platform. Users are assured that any danger does not threaten their information.

· Rarible makes use of smart contracts that makes the process more valid and simple and it adheres to the ERC-721 standards for handling the transferability and ownership rights.

· The searching process for finding your desired NFT can be overwhelming since there might not be an option for filtering the additional information, but this is not an issue for Rarible

· The other factor is that Rarible can be applied to any blockchain network, although the Rarible clone script can support only Ethereum, Flow and Tezos, it can be customized based on the needs of clients.

· Bidding is the essence of the platform, and live bidding status is what users want.

· The rarible clone script that each person receives is consist of in-built NFT artist registry which includes the profile of all the NFT artists that have registered in your Platform.

Opensea Clone Script

Opensea clone script is an NFT marketplace script solution that includes all key functions of Opensea marketplace, one of the most successful marketplaces in the industry. All users can use it to have the marketplace which shares the features of Opensea itself. Again, it is recommended to use the white label Opensea clone script to prevent the waste of time because it is a ready-made clone script and can be deployed easily. Opensea can be deployed on various blockchains such as, Ethereum, Solana, TRON, Binance smart chain, Polygon, Cardano, and the collection that are supported by Opensea are Art, Games, Metaverse, Music, Video, Utility and Others, Photography, Sports, Domain Names. You might reconsider your chosen clone script if you hear the magnificent features that this clone script has to offer.

· Metamask Login

· Like, Watchlist, and Report options

· NFT Wallet Integration

· Multiple Minting (ERC 1155 Standard)

· Multiple Currency Support

· Royalty Payment Support

· Metaverse Capability

· NFT Listing

· Made-Easy architecture

· Top-notch NFT listing

· NFT trading

· Multiple wallets

· Multiple API integrations

Decentraland Clone Script

Decentraland is the first virtual reality environment which is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, and it was launched in 2017 and the creators were Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano. It is a good place for trading NFTs and the world is given to you to explore the lands built there by users. First, second and third layers are what that shape this environment. Every layer has its unique functionality and the smart contract can track every ownership. And needless to say that it is in fact controlled by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Here is a list of features of this amazing clone script.

· Entirely decentralized platform

· Metaverse complaint infra

· Traversable 3D experience

· Peer to peer network interactions

· Enhanced content distribution

· Secondary market creation

· Asset adjacency

· Sandbox tested marketplaces

· Global and instantaneous market schemes

· Decentralised land proprietorship ledger

· Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet

· Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

· KYC and AML protection

· Two-factor authentication

The article’s goal was to describe some of the most famous clone scripts that exist today alongside with the features and benefits so that you could easily decide on what kind of clone script to follow. Once you have decided on the features and benefits, you can contact the companies that offer the mentioned clone scripts and ask for a consultation if needed. They will be patient with all your requirements and will be there in designing and deploying the NFT marketplace. Some of the most famous companies are Radindev, Hivelance, Appdupe and etc. If you find the website of each company, there will be some messages from experts that will be helpful



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