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OOP: Creating a Global Soul for Our Programs

object oriented approach in programming

Any folk, who enters the programming domain, come across the OOP i.e. object-oriented programming. And so, here I am not going to explain that. Rather, it’s about my experience with OOP.

Yes, it’s true that the OOP concept is really a blessing for programmers. In the beginning, I was also like writing a whole script over and over again or at least copy the whole code for a certain purpose. But, after learning objects creation and class/method utilization, the whole stuff got miraculously easy.

So, what actually do in OOP?

First, we figure out the problem to be solved with our script.

Then, we divide the problem to get small parts such that each part can be manipulated and handled separately.

Then, we join the small junks off code. And hurrah, it bring life to our idea that we were going to solve our problem.

Plus point is that the soul of this script can be persisted and can become a global soul that may bring many ideas of us from imagination to life.



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Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad

A freelance python programmer, web developer and web scraper, data science and Bioinformatics student.