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Passing the iOS Interview

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  • S — Situation: The S stands for “Situation” and is when you should begin answering this question. You should properly explain the situation at hand and why it is a situation to be handled.
  • T — Task: The T stands for “Task”. This is the section in your answer in which you should explain the task that will be needed to resolve the situation. For example, “The code base wasn’t working due to an unverified branch being merged. The task at hand was to go into the unverified branch and find and resolve the issue within the code causing the application to crash”.
  • A — Action: The A stands for “Action”. At this point, we have explained the situation and the task needing to be accomplished. Now we want to discuss the actual action that we took to resolve this situation. When talking through the actions, it is very important to use a lot of “I” words and not “We” or “The team”. The interviewer doesn’t want to know about the collective efforts, they want to know what you specifically did to resolve the situation.
  • R — Resolution: The R stands for “Resolution”. This section is where you will nicely wrap up your example by explaining what the actual resolution to the situation was and how the actions you took helped achieve this resolution.



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