Playing League of Kingdoms You Lose the Track Of Time

You can play for free and mint your first NFT

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4 min readNov 15, 2021


League of Kingdoms screenshot
The image is a screenshot taken by the author from the game

As an enthusiast of everything new that appears in the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain games, and the NFT business, I wanted to expand my knowledge in these domains, because I am sure they represent the future. I looked for new games that can help me to mint my first NFT in an easy way. I think I found a good one and I want to present it to you.

Free to Play

I just want to become more familiar with NFT games and see how exactly you can create an NFT from game resources. Well, League of Kingdoms is such a game, is super addictive, lets you play for free, and helps you create your first NFT.

Usually, NFT games that are also of good quality require you to make an initial investment. An example is Axie Infinity. But the game that I found here allows you to play for free, gather resources and rewards, and then use them to mint NFTs.

League of Kingdoms is a strategy game that you can play online, directly in a browser. It also allows you to buy land, similarly to Decentraland.

Cute Graphics

I was a little skeptical when I first saw screenshots of this game because I played something with similar gameplay and looks on the phone, but I admit it was not a blockchain game.

Once I entered League of Kingdoms, I choose to log in with my Google account (you can log in with Facebook, Apple, e-mail, or simply as a guest). I was simply hooked in by the cartoony but crispy clear graphics and the addictive gameplay.

screenshot of world view in League of Kingdoms
The image is a screenshot taken by the author from the game

The game is also available on mobile through Google Play and App Store. I played it on mobile as well, on a Samsung S8 Plus and it works like a charm.

Addictive Gameplay

After I was blown away by the multitude of details that I was seeing on my 21.5-inch screen, I started to play. I am not a very big fan of strategy games and especially of this style of strategy, but as soon as I started building, leveling up buildings, creating soldiers, and reaping the rewards, it all seemed unexpectedly pleasant for my neurons.

screenshot of city view in League of Kingdoms
This is an image taken by the author from the game

I continued to advance in the game, filling my inventory with all kinds of rewards and thinking about the possibility of transforming the ones that would be possible in NFTs. At one moment I looked at the clock, and I realized that I spent 4 hours playing this game continuously. It only keeps you playing this long in the beginning because once you level up, upgrading buildings and doing certain things takes much time and you can leave the computer in the meantime.

Looking at the menu options, I finally found the one where you can create an NFT.

Minting An NFT

Once you gather enough rewards and resources, you can create packs of resources, such as wood, stone, gold, or corn, and sell them on the OpenSea marketplace. You can choose from two different networks: the Ethereum blockchain and the Polygon network. In either case, you are warned by a notification that you will have to support the network gas fees and a resource fee, which can go up to 40% of all the spent resources.

print screen of minting NFT from the game
This image is a print screen from teh game, taken by the author

As an example, if you have like 20 million gold, you can make a pack of 10 million as an NFT and sell it on OpenSea. You set the price, but you can look at how much others have asked for a pack. I have seen NFTs sold for hundreds of dollars and think about it, this is just the beginning!

I didn’t mint an NFT yet, but I plan to do this soon. I may be back with another review.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, League of Kingdoms is a game that exceeded my expectations in terms of gameplay, graphics, and the possibility to mint NFTs, because this is what makes it the most enjoyable, to be honest. I simply lost the track of time and I came back every day to play, especially since there are log-in rewards that you cannot miss.

It is great to be able to play such an enjoyable strategy game and to have the hope that one day you will be able to make good money from it. I recommend this game, especially if you are a strategy fan.

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