Post-mortem of My First Crypto Bull Run

Debbie Chia
Geek Culture
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5 min readJun 8, 2021


May be a bottom signal

Source: Unsplash

This is not to say that the bull run is completely over, as I still harbour a tiny sliver of hope for circling theories such as a repeat of a 2017 double top, Wyckoff re-distribution and what have you. It also remains to be seen what effect laser-eyed politicians from Latin America will have.

But from my perspective having bought my first crypto (Ether) a year ago in June 2020, I can see that we are clearly in a downtrend. And this is one rollercoaster ride that I have hopped off, for now.

I am still invested in crypto in many ways. I continue to write for a great crypto wallet and stack sats that way. I continue to contribute to crypto ecosystems, be a visitor of the metaverse and work on minting NFTs for my record label. I also still have that one Ether which I haven’t sold.

All in all, I got away with gains as anyone who got in during the same time as I did would have. My crowning achievements would probably be buying that said Ether at around $220, HNT at $1.60 and SOL at $1.80. Those assets went on to reach approximately 18x, 20x and 40x respectively at their ATHs. But, I paper-handed them along the way, made rookie mistakes such as selling too early, and in the end, panic selling. However on hindsight, selling is the only reason I am not rekt right now.