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Product Development and Solution Development are different in almost every dimension

The above line is my all-time favourite pun articulated by my friend and former business partner — a.m.kissling. He’s fabulous at distilling these kinds of one-liner observations.

Callaghan Innovation — Build for Speed Improvement Model performance snapshot — Hypr Innovation

The way to understand this image is that: the darker scores represent the average scores across all ~150 companies assessed, the light grey scores represents the score of the best company of the lot.

But first, if you want to understand what is meant by a Product and what is meant by a Solution, jump over to that article to explain this first, then come back here.

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I’m definitely simplifying for the sake of brevity, and I’m not accommodating for regional differences here either.

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but it sure feels like there is more of it here in NZ than in other countries I’ve lived and done this work in. Perhaps it's the DIY culture here, perhaps it is a small scale affected thing, or perhaps there is still way more solution development around here than product development still in the 2020's.

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TL;DR Summary




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