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Progression Report: AR Project in Unity

Today in the GameDevHQ program, I have just finished a quick project to learn more about AR. This course is very interesting as it introduces some very cool and new ideas to me because I have no experimented with AR in Unity before.

Vuforia SDK Unity

Vuforia SDK

For this project we decided to go with Vuforia SDK in order to enable AR instead of unity’s own AR. Vuforia allows users to easily add advanced computer vision functionality to any application, allowing it to recognize images and objects, and interact with spaces in the real world.

After adding the Vuforia from the package manager, we are ready to do AR.

AR Camera & Image Target

Instead of using the main camera, in order to enable AR you should add an AR Camera from the Vuforia contextual menu. The AR camera will allow your camera to recognize certain images (called Image Target) in order to display content above these target images.

So along with the AR Camera, we added a Target Image object and added an image to it that will be recognized.

AR Camera & Image Target
Target Image

In this project, I added an astronaut to be my target image. You should always shoot for the stars even if your doin AR.

Horse Anatomy

Our goal in this AR project is to display a horse and dive deep into its anatomy. For learning proposes, we will only be able to show the horse’s leg anatomy.

The horse prefab that we used has two animations, one to go from the horse to show the muscles, and another animation to show the bones from the muscle.

We placed the horse prefab above the target image which will allow the AR camera to display the horse, and play the animation automatically or through button presses.

Horse Anatomy AR




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