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Pycharm 2022.2 upgrade and Docker issues

I have installed latest Pycharm Proffessional edition and guess what? The remote debugging to the Docker container is not working. you can see the proof from Intellij that this is regression. This regression points to this ticket “Attaching debugger to Django console fails with Docker-compose” that was opened 4 month ago, close to 2022.1 release.

So, this is workaround:

1. go to Help | Find Action | Registry

2. disable python.use.targets.api

3. recreate the interpreter from scratch

P.S. In the “Using GNOME Keyring in Docker Container” story I’ve briefly touched the usage of the Pycharm Profesional and Docker. In those days there was limitation on --entrypoint — it worked only in debug mode. Nowadays, you can do run your docker image and -- entrypoint will be executed instead of the defined one.



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