Raddx Racing Metaverse: The Ultimate Car Racing NFT Game

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The gaming industry’s big leap into the web3 space adopting P2E game aspects has made great impacts in the gaming space. Moreover, the lucrative revenue-making opportunities have attracted gamers worldwide. Thanks to the advent of blockchain!!!

After the adoption of Web3 aspects into the gameplay, P2E gaming platforms have come a long way, evolving from time to time and expanding the monetization scope for gamers. Apart from evolving tech stacks, the gaming industry in the web3 space also witnesses changing trends in the game genres. The current market trends are leaning towards e-sports and motorsport P2E games.

RADDX Racing Metaverse is one of the most trusted and reliable P2E motorsport racing games, which is well received among gaming enthusiasts worldwide ahead of its launch. Read the blog further to explore the wide range of opportunities to earn attractive revenue and rewards from the game.

Why RADDX Racing Metaverse is Celebrated Worldwide

There are numerous reasons for the game to be celebrated by gamers across the globe. However, the paramount features for which the game is well-known are listed below.

Realistic Racing & Immersive Gameplay

RADDX Racing Metaverse from Asia’s largest NFT marketplace, Jump.trade is all set to hit the markets soon. The gameplay teasers look promising with weaponized cars and more. In addition, The game test, which happened in London for RADDX, had turned positive results.

RADDX Loot Box

The kenspeckle NFT marketplace is all set to offer its P2E NFTs through NFT loot boxes to the user community. The NFTs used in the metaverse racing game is playable, tradeable, upgradeable, and rentable. Each RADXX car NFT loot box will contain 2 car NFTs from any level and rarity, accounting for a total number of 30,000 loot boxes.

Guaranteed Gift Boxes: The Mother of All Goodness

Jump.trade never fails to reward its users. Continuing the rewarding legacy, the kenspeckle NFT marketplace has announced a reward pool containing exciting prizes collectively worth more than $200,000. For every purchase of 5 RADDX car NFT loot boxes, users will gain instant access to the ‘Guaranteed Gift Box’ containing lucrative prizes like a whole Bitcoin, BAYC Family NFTs, MATIC, BNB coin, Mahindra Thar, Royal Enfield Bike, Mackbook Air and much more.

In addition, the pack of 5 RADDX car NFT loot boxes is set to be offered at a slashed price!

Your chance to take part in this awesome car NFT game is just around the corner, with the pre-book starting on 9th March for existing Jump.trade users and on March 10th for everyone.

Digital Land Box

The list of exciting elements in the game still continues. Each and every digital land box contains unique and limited edition digital metaverse land plots. These land plots can be used effectively by the holders to build infrastructures and rent them out or to hold events, contests, and much more, enabling the holders to generate their own revenue. Moreover, Polygon and Flipkart are some of the popular brands who are looking to acquire unique digital land box in the RADDX metaverse.


Being a part of something exciting like this is a never miss out opportunity for gamers across the globe. In addition, the revenue-reaping opportunities from the metaverse racing game ecosystem are extensive.

Save the pre-book dates starting on March 10th for everyone to start your awesome gaming journey with Jump.trade. You can also visit their official website for information regarding the RADDX NFT drop and the exciting rewards you could get.



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