Redux-persist & Redux-toolkit implementation made easy for React Native and React JS

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7 min readJun 13, 2021


(redux-persist with redux-toolkit in react)
updated: Oct 02, 2021

SUMMARY of this Story

  1. React native counter application. (Steps will be exactly the same for a react JS web app.)
  2. Redux implementation using redux-toolkit.
  3. Redux-persist implementation over redux-toolkit (blacklist store attributes)
  4. Bonus (React Native Paper — Component Library for Material design in React Native)
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Why redux-persist?

  • Redux-persist does a very simple yet very powerful job of persisting your application state across different user sessions /browser windows(days, months, years).

Why this Story?

Implement redux-persist in a react (JS or native) app with redux-toolkit.

You may find documentation and other internet articles for redux-persist implementation with traditional redux (store, Provider, reducer, actions)

If you are using the now recommended redux-toolkit (configureStore, createSlice, Provider), you may not find much help to implement redux-persist.

That’s where this article



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