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SAP Testing Best Practices

Let’s discuss about the best software testing practices in present industry


ERP, known as Enterprise Resource Planning, is an absolute software solution in the ever-changing IT world. It offers a range of features for managing the myriad of business processes across multiple units, including sales, marketing, production, development, CRM, HR, etc. allowing data and available resources sharing.

‘How to effectively test large ERP software with inherent SAP testing challenges with or without test automation?’

The Best Practices in SAP Testing

The biggest SAP testing challenges from time to time have been with test data and environment.

Moreover, according to NIST, an average testing team spends at least 30% of their effort setting up their testing environments instead of working on the actual testing, resulting in project delays by 74%.

Any medium-sized or multinational enterprise may face a couple of common SAP testing challenges. The following are considered to be the best testing practices in the SAP landscape:

  1. Usage of Self-Reliant Tools and Methods
  2. Test & Document the Updates
  3. Involvement of SAP SMEs in Business Processes
  4. Repeat and Reuse Tasks

Efficient Production-like Testing Data

Usage of Self-Reliant Tools and Methods

Test & Document the Updates

Involvement of SAP SMEs in Business Processes

Repeat and Reuse Tasks

Solution With Tricentis Tosca

  • Covering your business risks while maintaining your test data design and simulating missing systems is a known characteristic of Tosca to leverage.
  • Plug into your continuous integration pipeline or your enterprise environment to test across browsers seamlessly as well as mobile APIs, with the power of Java, SAP, Salesforce etc., the capabilities of Tricentis are a lot more.



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