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Scrape DuckDuckGo Ad Results with Python

Contents: intro, imports, what will be scraped, process, code, links.


This blog post is a continuation of DuckDuckGo web scraping series. Here you’ll see how to scrape Ad Results using Python with selenium library. An alternative API solution will be shown.


from selenium import webdriver

What will be scraped


Selecting title, link, snippet, source, sitelinks.

What I was doing is basically applying .results--ads selector before additional selector for the title, link, snippet, source, and sitelinks to get the most accurate selector.

A CSS selectors reference.


Using DuckDuckGo Ad Results API

SerpApi is a paid API with a free plan.

The difference is that is much faster, you don’t need to render the page with selenium and you get an immediate structured JSON string.


GitHub Gist DuckDuckGo Ad Results API


- D

Originally published at on August 11, 2021.



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