Setting a Private PyPI Server With NGINX

In this post, we will set up a private PyPI server using the pypiserver Docker image, which will be wrapped by NGINX for caching and performance.

Maroun Maroun
Mar 2 · 4 min read
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What is PyPI?

Docker Setup

Docker installation

PyPI Server Setup

# replace with your name
mkdir /home/maroun/pypi-server
mkdir nginx nginx_cache
mkdir nginx/conf.d

Starting the Server

docker-compose up -d
$ curl localhost:8080
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Welcome to pypiserver!</title>
Welcome to pypiserver!
This is a PyPI compatible package index serving 11 packages.
To use this server with <code>pip</code>, run the following command:
<code>pip install --index-url http://pypi-server:8080/simple/ PACKAGE [PACKAGE2...]</code>
To use this server with <code>easy_install</code>, run the following command:
<code>easy_install --index-url http://pypi-server:8080/simple/ PACKAGE [PACKAGE2...]</code>
The complete list of all packages can be found <a href="/packages/">here</a> or via the <a href="/simple/">simple</a> index.
This instance is running version 1.4.2 of the <a href="">pypiserver</a> software.

Downloading Packages

pip install --index-url http://<IP>:8080 my_package --trusted-host <IP>

Authenticating Requests

sudo yum install -y httpd-tools
mkdir authentication
# create .htpasswd file and force SHA encryption
htpasswd -sc .htpasswd pypi-user
Docker compose YML
pypi-server understands the following options:

-p, --port PORT
Listen on port PORT (default: 8080).

-i, --interface INTERFACE
Listen on interface INTERFACE (default:, any interface).

-a, --authenticate (update|download|list), ...
Comma-separated list of (case-insensitive) actions to authenticate.
Requires to have set the password (-P option).
To password-protect package downloads (in addition to uploads) while
leaving listings public, use:
-P foo/htpasswd.txt -a update,download
To allow unauthorized access, use:
-P . -a .
Note that when uploads are not protected, the `register` command
is not necessary, but `~/.pypirc` still need username and password fields,
even if bogus.
By default, only 'update' is password-protected.


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