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Spotlight: Have a Very Data Holiday Promotion for Event Streams

Here at RudderStack we want more people to see that real-time event streaming can be painless and that they can effortlessly sync all of their data into and out of the warehouse. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Have a Very Data Holiday Promo. Starting today we are implementing a pricing promotion that increases our free event stream volume from 500K to 5M per month through the end of 2022 for all new and existing users.* Sign up for free by December 31, 2021 in order to get this gift!

Benefits of RudderStack Event Stream

RudderStack event stream enables teams to spend less time on vendor SDK implementations, custom API integrations, and maintenance so developer teams can spend their time on the actions that drive true value for their businesses. Our Event Stream product enables teams to integrate their entire stack and is built to scale with your business as it scales over time.

With RudderStack Event Stream you can:

  • ID users across devices
  • Deliver events in real-time
  • Link to 12+ SDKs for every app and website
  • Send data to 150+ cloud and warehouse destinations

Sign Up for Free and Start Sending 5M Data Streams Per Month Today

Start testing out our Event Stream, ELT, and reverse-ETL pipelines. Use our HTTP source to send data in less than 5 minutes, or install one of our 12 SDKs in your website or app. Try RudderStack for free.

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