Spotting a Graph-Shaped Problem

How to tell if your data would benefit from a different database

Ljubica Lazarevic
Apr 1 · 7 min read
Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash


So what is a graph?

Connections in the Internet
Water molecule.

What is a graph database?

Why are graph databases so special?

How to spot when a graph database is a good fit — the graph-shaped problem

Scenario 1:Does our problem involve understanding relationships between entities?

Figure 1 — understanding relationships between entities

Scenario 2:Does the problem involve a lot of self-referencing to the same type of entity?

Figure 2 — self-referencing to the same entity type

Scenario 3: Does the problem explore relationships of varying or unknown depth?

Figure 3 — exploring relationships of varying or unknown depths

Scenario 4: Does our problem involve discovering lots of different routes or paths?

Figure 4 — discovering different routes or paths

What next?

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