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Struggling Programmers, Have This — 5 Effortlessly Accessible Coding Communities Why Millions Have Excelled in the Past 5 Years

Their Time. Their Money. Their Effort. All returned marvellous results. For real amigo, they enjoyed what you’re not.

A group of people celebrating : Coding communities to join
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

1 year in and multiple battle scars later, you haven’t figured it out. Probably a symptom of Tutorial hell. A topic for another blog post.

But yet these guys have achieved the opposite. I hate to break it to you. But, you’re missing a lot.

What you need is a community that resonates with you.

People who understand your struggles. People who uplift your potential by simply challenging theirs, motivating you to challenge yours.

People who keep you accountable. People you can ask questions from. People who notify you when you make mistakes or when you’re about to make one.

People who are connected by same interest, having diverse and unique perspectives of problems they come across, but with a unifying goal.

You need a place to build strong relationships. A place to find amazing mentors and friends.

“A problem shared is a problem halved” — German proverb

Vibe with these coding communities and have a taste of results that marvel.

Clever Programmer

Coding communities to join: Clever Programmer/Rafeh Qazi
Screenshot by Author from Youtube video/RafehQazi

This community is founded by Rafeh Qazi, and supported by Aaron Bernath, Frankie Alarcon, David Rakosi, Naz Dumanskyy among others in the entire groundbreaking team.

It comprises a group of people that go out of their way to listen and help others become better developers, plus the involvement of founders.

Upon helping thousands of developers transcend, the community’s Facebook group has got you covered.

Here are screenshots of reviews for Clever Programmer on Trust pilot.

Coding communities to join: Reviews for Clever Programmer on Trust Pilot
Screenshot by Author on review for Clever Programmer on Trust Pilot
Coding communities to join: Reviews for Clever Programmer on Trust Pilot
Screenshot by Author on review for Clever Programmer on Trust Pilot

Here’s its website for more details.

*Update* Here’s the link to join their free discord group

The Official Papafam Community

Coding communities to join : The Official Papafam Community/Sonny Sangha
Screenshot by Author from Youtube video/Sonny Sangha

This community is founded by Sonny Sangha supported by his amazing background team. It's Facebook group community contains developers who understand your struggles, point out your mistakes and keep you accountable. Numerous great mind I would say. Here’s the founder’s Linkedin profile

Travesy Media

Coding communities to join : Travesy Media/Brad Travesy
Screenshot by Author from Youtube video/Brad Travesy

Brad Travesy, the founder of Travesy media. A community with about 33,968 followers on Facebook. With this group of people, how many great mind do you think are present there, considering the current scenario?

P.S: The scenario indicates the large number of people excelling because of this community.


Coding communities to join : Gitconnected
Screenshot by Author from home page of website

Gitconnected. A community with a focused goal. To provide a platform for developers and software engineers to share knowledge, connectcollaborate, and learn.

To aid this mission, created for you to join, is;

1. A Facebook group
2. A Slack group, and
3. A platform where you can share your ideas, thought and knowledge in blog post format.


Coding communities to join :
Screenshot by Author from home page of website

So, Founded in 2017 by Ben Halpern, Peter Frank and Jess Lee, has continued to educate, motivate, and elevate developers, either with their blog post and most especially by the Ace-stonding community😉😊


With all this said, let’s say you get from these communities:

1. 3 friends, who are ahead of you, to be your mentors.

2. 3 friends at your level, who strive to push their limits, to code together, and

3. 3 friends below your level to teach what you’ve learnt.

With all things being equal, what, in this world, would stop your progress?

Because, for all I know, Teaching is one of the best ways to become better at a skill.

Even John Sonmez thinks so. His words from his book, Soft skills and I quote.

“If i show you how to do something, you might forget it, but if you do it yourself, you are likely to remember and if you actually teach what you are trying to learn to someone else, not only do you remember it, but you get a deeper understanding of it.”

Fun Fact here!

Check out how many people attended a live stream by Clever Programmer

Screenshot by Author from Youtube video

Almost 1k people were live! Not to mention the number of views and watch time in one day😯

This shows a community that is willing to learn, connect and excel.




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