Testing for Good Workshops — October 18th to 20th

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2 min readSep 8, 2022

💻 Testing for Good is back with its largest event ever!

Testing for Goods Workshop is a virtual event dedicated to training the world in test automation skills. Taught by industry experts, you will be able to practice and grow your skills in these hands-on keyboard, technical workshops. Leave the workshops with working code and knowledge that you can apply at your workplace immediately.

Besides improving your skills, collectively we will be helping to bridge the social divide by raising contributions for Environmental Working Group. We’re improving our skills and making the world a better place at the same time.

One ticket provides access to as many workshops as you like. 100% of ticket sales go to EWG.

To accommodate multiple timezones, we are offering some of the workshops at multiple different times. Please take a look at the schedule and add the workshop time that works best for you to your calendar. This will include a direct link to join the session.

🧠 You will learn:

  • End-to-End Component Testing Using Cypress by Gleb Bahmutov
  • API Testing with Java by Bas Dijkstra
  • Crafting a Test Framework by Titus Fortner
  • Mobile Testing with Java by Eyal Yovel
  • Web Testing with Java by Chris Eccleston
  • API Testing with JavaScript by me

Register Here 👉 https://snip.ly/p64hq5

🌎 Testing for Goods Workshop exists to enable amazing test automation while shaping a more equitable society To date, Testing for Good has raised over $20,000 for different NGOs.

🆘 Everyone is feeling the heat wave across the planet as our world heats up due to global warming. It’s time to take action to help our only planet. 100% of the proceeds from the event go to Environmental Working Group.

Join some of the greatest automation minds as they teach a number of different workshops around #java and #javascript!



Nikolay Advolodkin
Geek Culture

Nikolay Advolodkin is a self-driven SDET on a lifelong mission to create profound change in the IT world and ultimately leave a legacy for his loved ones