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The Future of Gaming With The Power of Metaverse!

Gaming is not just an entertainment industry anymore. The inclusion of blockchain in the gaming industry made the gaming platforms not just random video games but a platform that gives the opportunity to earn. This became possible thanks to blockchain technology which brought NFTs into the traditional video games we play. The NFT gaming platforms are gradually making space for Metaverse, which is predicted to be the next big thing in technological history. The evolution of games right from the beginning is indeed fascinating, given that it is an industry that is open to any technological change that comes it's way.

This time, the gaming industry took NFTs and blockchain a bit too seriously and brought a new range of Play to earn NFT games. With that, the concept of the metaverse is joining the club to bring the games of the future! Here is everything you need to know about Metaverse, which will take over the world in the near future!

Digital era to Digital world!

Ever since the digital concept came, the world has been slowly getting everything digital. The digital revolution that took place took almost everything on the screens instead of paper and pen. The term Digital intrigued humans, and we are now in the process of creating a world that is digital.

Everything we have in the real world, from the Eiffel tower to the Starbucks cafe on the corner of your block, everything is taking up a shape digitally in the metaverse.

So if you ask what metaverse is all about, it is a digital world, and as of now, you have many games to experience this new technology. Though technology is in its infancy, it is making a buzz in the tech world.

You might ask why you need a digital world and experience everything virtually when you have real-world experience. Well, if you get to know the applications of this new technology, it will make more sense.

When Facebook changed its name to Meta, the world saw new technology coming. If a company like Facebook is seriously working on this technology and changes its name for it, then this technology must be huge. And this is the reason why people started to eagerly wait for this technology. Not just Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Roblox, and many other tech giants are in the process of making a metaverse.

We always have a dream of going into the games we play and witnessing everything digital. We always fancy movies where people enter the digital world. While all of them were fictitious, Metaverse is bringing the virtual world real for us to experience.

Coming back to why Metaverse will be the next big thing, their proposed application is one big reason to contribute.

They can bring a new way of social engagement and entertainment. Today, you communicate with people across the world through social media platforms, chats, and videos. With Metaverse in your 3D avatar, you can virtually visit people at their homes and spend time with them. You can play games, shop, attend concerts and do much more.

You can take up metaverse to every industry from education, real estate, entertainment, workspaces, gaming, and whatnot. Today, there are a number of gaming platforms trying to give a glimpse of the metaverse to people. And it is foreseen that Metaverse will take gaming to the next stage.

As soon as NFTs dived into the blockchain, it gave people the luxury of having tradeable ownership of digital files; it became possible for the gamers to give them gaming Items as well. This gave birth to a new range of gaming platforms with NFTs. The NFT gaming platforms not just gave the gamers an extravagance of selling back their NFT items but also helped them earn a passive income. This gave rise to Play to earn NFT games which uses the blockchain for NFT game items and their transaction; it brought transparency and decentralization in some games as well. While these blockchain-based gave the gamers a new experience, they indeed got nearly abandoned by the gamers when the crypto market went down the hill. Though there are reports to prove that the demand for gaming NFTs and the traffic in the Gaming NFT marketplace were never down during the crypto crash, these games missed something that the gamers were looking for. That missing element was the gaming experience which is getting filled by the Metaverse!

There are many games today, like Decentraland, Sand Box, Horizon worlds, and more, to give you the Metaverse experience you are waiting for. While these platforms are still in their development stage, they are getting comments on the graphics and speed. As of now, the platforms are coming with a beginning level of graphics and animation, which is expected to get an improvement over the years.

The games include making the player experience the game virtually using VR headsets. This new gameplay made gamers try these platforms. With Blockchain being one of the powerful technologies involved in bringing metaverse, the NFTs and cryptocurrencies created a kind of metaverse economy through it.

While NFTs help in owning things in this digital world, cryptocurrencies are the ones through which these digital assets are brought. Metaverse games like Decentraland are now a platform where gamers can buy NFT lands through in-game crypto tokens. They can even be sold again in the NFT gaming marketplace. These land plots can be used for anything to create shopping malls, theatres, or any building. You can even build a game inside this game to increase the in-game economy.

In simple, the metaverse in the future can be a virtual game where humans can co-exist. NFT gaming platforms today with Metaverse are sure a center of attraction in the gaming industry now. In addition to that, there are a number of metaverse platforms evolving, leaving a question of interoperability. Having the technology emerged slowly, there is no answer to this question yet. Though, many tech giants and brands gave word that Metaverse will become the future of technology in the next ten years and will reach billions of people just like the Internet we have today!



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